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Funny Animals – A Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2015

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Here is a funny animals compilation. Most of it consists of cute animals doing funny things. Some funny animal fails, doesn’t include funny animal vines. Anyway, check out these funny videos of funny animals.


KC Vicente says:

it was cute not funny

Love Animal says:

OK I can't stand this anymore I will die if I watch one of these again it so cute

dawnι caт says:

yet no one saw the chihuahua . Smh

Ƭнє Aηтι-Sσcιαl̲̅ɪ̲̈̅ɪ̲̈̅st says:

ah yes… they just had to add the chihuahua

jane huang says:


Gumby ChowChow says:

the baby looks terrified.

Monica Angel says:

poor hamster
cant understand this sort of idiots who find this funny

Elena Gallego says:

2:33 its so cute

Vic B says:

That cheetah purring <3

Mia Meyer says:

juror row path.

mike bear says:

i dont giggle much

Skydraa says:

The hamster @5:00 is sick and can hardly breathe. I know because I've owned all kinds of rodents and they are all very sensitive in getting respiratory problems.

ChangeTheWorld says:

Ty, you do a good job

Dely Doll says:

4:14 he is really getting it!! Look at him go!

Ach Herrje says:

Dressing animals like they're human is just terrible!!!

AMOKRANE Fares says:


AMOKRANE Fares says:


The animal world says:

i love animals , it very funny!

ChangeTheWorld says:

Hi, it's splendid, can i pl take your vidéo for a link on my site pl,… incredible ;)

CutenessOverload35 says:

so sweet

I Love Animals says:

I enjoyed your clips. it's very funny

pecheurmarocain .El Beidori Mounir says:


Dewi Pramesthi says:


Raj Patel says:

i remember when i used to be a young cheeky puppy.

Jaden Pho says:

Also #5 insane

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