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Funny Baby Videos Try Not To Laugh Compilation 2017

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A compilation of the funny baby, funny kids, funny toddler videos 2017. Try not to laugh or grin while watching this!

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House Of 7 Ninjas says:

Another funny baby compilation 🙂

Gurdeep Siddhu says:

Yes they do eat dogs

James Salmero says:

2:513:40 wow the baby got skills so professional??

Aliyah ! says:

The kid at 2:44 ?????

Bonny Cole says:

I just have to say, I fail to see the humor in the videos that are teasing babies with bites of food. It's mean and hateful!!

Tomlycan says:

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Lana Semprit says:

I feel bad for Ben and Jack they don't have the smartest mother she should not to encourage her twin boys to fight or be competitive

artsynova says:

Beautiful video, except for the last one, twins Ben and Jack have a lousy mamma who is teaching them to fight, she is sewing discord since they are really little. She's teaching them to take stuff from each other, obviously she has a favorite: Jack.

Cynthia Williams says:

Wow! That baby does "got skills".

candy candy says:

soooo precious! I want twins!!! ?

TroyNCarrie Hayes says:

I cant wait till im older and have a baby there sooo cute

Amirul Islam says:

I love ❤️ rain ☔️

Clemenza Schwarz says:

Head shot for the parents at 9:47. This is absolutley disgusting, and porn to the innocent little baby. This dog is licking the babys mouth with its parasite tongue and obviously very horny. Adults abusing their own or any other child should be killed immediately.


Very fun. Thanks.

Prakash Bairagi says:

How cuteeeeeeeeee????????????????????????????????love it

Cookie Caramel says:

the baby backflipped omg i feel so lame ??

Marcella Glass says:

Shes athletic fot sure

Diane Eggert Hayes says:

The one with the baby with a helmet and clear face shield on – the baby wants to eat something but can't get past the face shield to put something into his mouth, and then cries out of frustration while a woman is heard laughing – is sadistic and abusive!

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