Funny skit (The interview) by students on Teachers’ day. | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Funny skit (The interview) by students on Teachers’ day.

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It is a skit done by the students of class 9 based on an interview on teachers’ day.


Herbal Life Offical says:

this is the copy of another

Ranjan Kumar says:

Mp sir ?

Nicole Dsouza says:

can someone please send the whole script? urgent. email- nic.d.1308@gmail.com

Arjun Kumar says:

Can any one tell me what they talked in 3:05-4:0,I didn't understand

Prabhjot Kaur says:

Wowww. Very well done students. Too good

Daman Kaur says:

Please make this vedio more clearly sounded

Blaze FIRESTORM says:

i didnt even smile. pls rak good jokes, these are not even funny

CrAzY UpLoAdEr says:

For those of you who don't know the script , use captions instead
simple logic

Mujju Yellanoor says:

wow supb the claimax was very interesting

John chinglenthoiba says:

Best wishes to SSPS'ian

2008 batch, Hostel captain Chinglenthoiba 🙂

Harsh Kaushik says:

You have made very nice video on teacher's day



yamini sweety says:

I don't understand wht the skit moral

Anu Gudi says:

menu kuda maa schools e skit chesanu first prize naade

yasmeen ali says:

My school did this skit today

lafrouji mohammed says:

who has the script pllllllz

Chandana B says:

proud to be one of the same school…??

Rajendran Selavamani says:

wow wonder skit but

………..its very very funny but but I can't understand 1st part scene okay but nice …………………. keep doing…..all the best

alina fatima says:

skit was so nice

Rafay Hacking Club says:

i dont understand what the first person is saying!???

ishant bhattarai says:

i write better skits than this

friends fun says:

its very hard English

friends fun says:

its very funny

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