GAME OF THRONES 6×09 RECAP & REVIEW! – “Battle of the Bastards” | Poris Radio - VIDEO

GAME OF THRONES 6×09 RECAP & REVIEW! – “Battle of the Bastards”

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GAME OF THRONES 6×09 RECAP & REVIEW! – “Battle of the Bastards”
Jon Snow vs Ramsay Bolton Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay Bolton kills Rickon Stark, Jon & Ramsay in epic battle, Jon Snow victory, Sansa watches Ramsay death, Dany rides Drogon and destroys Slave Master’s ships, Dany meets Yara & Theon.
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 “Battle of the Bastards” reaction, review, recap, commentary & theories by Katie Wilson.

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Ramsay Bolton says:

Why does everyone hate me so much? What did I ever do?

Besibo says:

hey Katie, on your left arm, is that a tattoo?

henry dicarlo says:

The game of thrones never ends. It just keeps going on. One character dies and is replaced by someone else. Sansa will replace Cersei and on and on.

Haatchii says:

Fuck Sansa… She literally killed thousands of men needlessly because she didn't tell Jon about the Vale.

Kim Harmon says:

So a thought… they included the Tyrion part because he is also a bastard, in the sense that he is a Targaryn, and Danny ' s half brother.

Dav says:

Really enjoyable recap and review of this episode, subbed :)

xxChaos97yelxx says:

for me i feel like shes turning into catelyn. But its funny you said shes turning into cersei because jaime said that cersei and catelyn are very similar. But to me ive noticed that sansa has become very much like her mother this season, even with the way she dresses and composes herself. Either way, she has become one of the strongest women in the show from just this episode alone. I loved this video!

Slav BK says:

Ramsay was missing because he wanted Jon in range. Jon acted like a Stark and almost died because of it… again. Stark men aren't very smart. And Sansa could have told Jon that she may have the Vale coming. It is nonsensical and idiotic of her not to. She sacrificed thousands… And for what? Stark women are about as smart as Stark men. Margery and the Queen of Thrones are the women that have a brain.

TylerStanleyFitness says:

i wish sansa would have gone to Ramseys cell, and drawn a massive sword. "in the name of Eddard Stark of house Stark, i sansa stark of winter fell, sentence you to die". ramsey looks at her and jokingly replies, "you can't even lift that thing above your head. wheres Jon"? "no. the one who passes the sentence must swing the sword". with one swift move, sansa swings the massive sword in a large circle, and as Ramsey decapitated head hit the ground, it fades to black.

StormPatronus says:

I've told everybody for the last… ages that another Stark was gone.

Nahuel Reynoso says:

Amazing review Katie! best episode ever!…cheers from Argentina.

Till Doverman says:

Turning down the 1 on 1 is not cowardly on Ramsay's behalf. It makes perfect sense from his perspective, considering he has the much bigger army

Britany B says:

it was a victorious episode for our heroes. which was finally good to see

Ethan Andrews says:

Just wanted to say like you're videos and your gorgeous, ok I'm done.

lex1247 says:

They are not doing Lady Stone heart. Time to move on from this, just like there is no "clegane bowl" either. The show has never followed the books exactly or brought in all the characters. I'm fine with it b/c I accept them as two separate entities. Something to think about…all the female characters that could end up or are in charge of territories on the show now and into S7. Sansa in Winterfell, Sand Snakes in Dorne, Yara – Iron Islands, Dany (seven kingdoms) and who knows what else can happen.

bibleman0able says:

I just looked it up and now I'm confused so can someone explain why/how lady stoneheart is alive and why she is called lady stoneheart and not catalyn stark


@Katie Wilson forget the review,your just too hot katie lol

Gor B says:

How can you mispronounce every fucking name

Gingerbread_Lesbian says:

BOOK SPOILERS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I think that Sansa is going to take over part of Lady Stoneheart's storyline. They left out ALL of the warm up for Stoneheart like Arya warging and seeing the body, I mean they even left out the Frey's throwing the body into the river in mockery so I'm pretty sure at this point that it's not happening. What I'm holding out for is that Sansa becomes Lady Stoneheart. When the lady in the tower says to her "The North Remembers", I was like :O Ugh wouldn't that be epic?! I mean she'll be the Stark in Winterfell for now so I think it holds some possibility that she'll be seeking revenge and might start hanging bitches XD we'll see, but that's where my theory's leaning. I mean we haven't seen any signs of Lady Stoneheart and it's been three seasons now so I don't think it's gonna happen exactly the same way.

Andrew Calvert says:

Lol didn't read the books who's lady stone heart?

Steven Chen says:

I wonder why Rickon doesn't run zip zap. I mean, he could do this: run left forward direction, when Ramsay shoots, run right forward direction, and when Ramsay shoots again, run left forward direction again…… why in the world would he run in a straight line is beyond me.

Steven Chen says:

I don't think Ramsay is a "coward" to not fight one vs one. It is a "war" we are talking about, not a "fight". In wars, we do what is advantageous to us and the ultimate goal is to win the war. As Sun Tzu's Art of War pointed out, war is all about deceptions. You want to take advantage of situations that are favourable to you, and leave situations that are disadvantaged to the enemy. Ramsay's advantage lies in numeric superiority, so of course it is foolhardy for him to give up such an advantage. It is simple logic, it has nothing to do with coward or bravery. Individual heroism never wins against an army with united teamwork. Too much individual heroism spells doom for your army when your enemies are more organized. Simple.

LordAnestis says:

I cant understand one thing,Jon had a giant,a f@cking GIANT! No one had the idea to put some armor on that guy? Maybe a helmet or a giant shield? How about giving him a giant club or a tree? He just stands there and hits everybody with his hands the poor guy while he could smash them all with a tree,or they could make him a bow.Anyway the giant was an important weapon and Jon did nothing to protect him,and why the Boltons didn't shit their pants when they saw him?

David MacDowell Blue says:

REally? I've been expecting Daenerys and Yara and probably Sansa to get along great once they met. Felt like that for about three books now. "The Dragon must have three heads" after all…who's to say all three must be Targaryens? "The Dragon must have three riders" and who is to say all those riders would be men?

jb dalvit says:

Pretty lady nerding out

Gena Bonds says:

Where did the horsemen come from?
I felt every emotion in this episode. The directing and filming was Emmy awarding.
I thought Jon was going to die again. The camera shot there was great.
Are there any people left at Winterfell or did Ramsey kill all.
Did Sansas open the hounds cage door? Pay back for what he did to Lord Bolton's wife and baby.

Gena Bonds says:

Breanne will have to fight Jamie, and she will win.

Gena Bonds says:

I think Sansas still see Jon as a Snow and not a true Stark. She did say that Ramsey will kill Riccon due to him being the last heir of the Starks.

Timmy O'toole says:

Nice clip honey bum ?

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