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Get Android on iPhone With a Case!

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This Case Lets You Run Android OS on Your iPhone 7/6S/6 on iOS 10! Best or Worst Hack Ever?


$100 Galaxy S8 Fake: https://youtu.be/Db72FleB5Kg
$70 Fake iPhone 7 Plus: https://youtu.be/VerHvVopDhU

I Got It Here: https://goo.gl/QW0oXY


Amyar Memo says:

Whats that app he used to change the language from chinese to english?

deez nutz says:

android was suppose to destroy the enemie not join them

Angga Permana Putra says:

hey dude. what u gonna do when apple go down n bankrupt? will u change ur youtube name. like everythingmobilepro maybe?

Wolf Warren says:

Ok, now my question is: can you root the android software and put the play store in to import your own media and etc?

Yeap Jun Yi says:

U can download the apps through a Chinese kind of play store

MortalMth says:

give link to the site

Zoltan Raul Torok says:

this is crap

20045justin says:

what is the name of the app that translate

sinjini mukherjee says:

what's wrong with you?. People who use Apple can easily afford Android.You should Try using iOS on Android.

like if you agree

Adrian Sivertsen says:

Where did you buy the first case?

Psalma Angela Tingcang says:

What app do you use to translate using the camera?

KloKateer028 says:

What's the name of the case you're waiting on? The company you contacted and then showed the ad for? I was looking for it on Google but I may have misheard what you called it.
I found this though, maybe you could test its durabilities in the future?

Chinmay Dhumal says:

There exists a case which has a display on the back, and it can Run Android.
Yes, can you try that ?

ajq1982 says:

Interesting but pointless

matt says:

Original iMac advert music!

Nedelcu Catalin says:

I already saw this on TechSmartt's channel half an year ago! But its still pretty cool! Can you give that case away? Maybe with an iPhone in it?

Andriy Klymenko says:

I was about to exit out😂😂 nice one

Mehrab Uddin Raj says:

What is that camera translator app?

Emir Tulumcu says:

It would be awesome if you could get iOS on an Android, because that phone would be a SPEED DEMON!
There would be licensing issues. Apple would shut it down instantly.

Akassh Panchal says:

Samsung Galaxy S8????
I think it will launch on 29th March.. is that clone?

Brenden French says:

the first one looks like Android to me

Ruslan Kardashev says:

0:54 WellCum

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