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Google Pixel Review: An Android For Normals

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“The best Android smartphone” is a tough thing to pin down. For years it’s been split between the Nexus line of stock software and fast updates, and the feature-loaded superphone family from third-party manufacturers. But what if you could combine the best of each world into something that straddled the divide? You’d have an all-new “Google phone” – and in some ways (but not all), the best Android phone ever. This is MrMobile’s Google Pixel review.


MrMobile’s Google Pixel Review was published after two weeks with a Pixel XL review unit and two retail Pixel handsets (one standard, one Pixel XL) purchased from the Google Store. The devices were tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and New York City, and on Project Fi in Shanghai, China. The devices were paired with a Moto 360 v2 for the duration of testing.


Google Pixel

Nextbit Robin


Google Pixel Review at Android Central:


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ElFenomeno92 says:

swipe up for app drawer looks like tizen. android copied tizen?

Jordan Henderson says:

Pixel xl or a note 5 can't decideee

GuuzakaTube says:

Looks gorgeous in "very blue".

Arush bhat says:

I still feel one plus 3 has the best camera compared to pixel!!

Kobi Luke says:

I love that you still using the nexbit robin. That phone has a special place in my heart :)

Mouhamed ZR3N says:

just amazed . your videos are the best . specially your words ..and they way u speak .

Bobby Jay says:

That chin is a waste. Could have used the space for front facing speakers

ardjan vlastuin says:

In the Netherlands de pixel xl 128gb is 1100 euro

MNMatt says:

very nice review, I agree with most of your takes. still love my Pixel XL though

Reefer Nanoman says:

$650? Ah no thank you.

Chidoro41 says:

Pic of Jay Leno when describing the chin…just the little touches that make a great review of a device, the best review.

Dreth says:

Man I love your videos.

olele jones says:

glad I suscribed to your channel. your videos are chill and well made thumbs up Mr Mobile

Ricky Thomas says:

I have the note 5 and the only phone that was a worthwhile upgrade was the note 7. Obviously that is done with. For me this is just a blah year for smartphones. My contract into the end of next year but it's gonna take a lot for me to upgrade.

Edward L. (Tracer 42) says:

I've been behind the times, are you working alone now?

Ray Gramata says:

Halo effect at 5:12 really caught my attention.

Caio Canto says:

This channel is easily one of the best.

smartAL912 says:

I'll wait for the Pixel 2 where there will be a darker better looking black version, maybe even a black-blue version because the blue back is quite nice (but i don't like white phones) and front facing speakers.

Kevin Schmevin says:

No expandable storage? I seriously hate iPhone clones…

Sancho Lawan says:

perfection. this video is an eye opener to everyone.

Seto Rendradi says:

that jay leno chin…

Mahmoud Salah says:

"the best overall android experience" with mediocre audio performance you mean.
i cant help but notice how lacking ur stunning reviews are in the audio department.

Alex Bereveanu says:

HI, can you try the samsung stylus c-pen for tab pro s? And maybe some versus with other pen like huawei stylus for matebook? Thanks

Abraham Ngoyi says:

its not a review until Michael does it

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