Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)

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This took a while to make
this is only part 1 of many

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Outro Song: JJD & Alex Skrindo – Aurora

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Savage Brick Sports says:

Part 2 out now:

princessaz79 says:

A home run you don't have to touch any bases.

Dank Man says:

6:27 ha fucking fatass deserved it lmfao

João Pedro says:

-Oh man…

Michael Petty says:

The Baseball tip to the BALLS was BRUTAL!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

bstlybengali says:

3rd and 95. Lmao

Skrtification says:

soccer players are the biggest floppers prime example 3:25

Matthias Kuhn says:

This.. thisis beautiful

Waiting formore!:D

TheWorstAmy says:

9:21 Things my teammates do in every game of Rocket League

Bert The Avenger says:

Too many people wearing pads playing rugby

Look Either Im Fuckin Or We're Fuckin says:

3:26 that flop seems legit…nothin new here…move alone child

sellbullion says:

I want to fuck eva gutowski

Having Fun says:

Savage Brick Sports is my favorite sports YouTube channel #Best content

Lazaro Gonzalez-Grifol says:

4:18 Madden in a nutshell

T3rmin4ter says:

5:11 they are playing hot potato

skin19head69 says:

5:48 ball 2

skin19head69 says:

4:20 they're really playing football now, not that helmet and pads Yankee bitch version of rugby

Dirty Sludge says:

I tell my wife that kickers and punters are not really football players. The WKU pussy, I mean punter, is a good example.

liam willems says:

Outcome wow correct forth therapist hunt pan conscious ethnic occur initiate trend cause

tony castillo says:

3:13 kids today.

Bulbasaur King says:

that outro isn't loud enough!

Kevin Valudes says:


Madeline Morgan says:

3:41 wtf

Johnny Knox says:

Love watching your videos!

ReturnoftheBrotha says:

FUck soccer.

Dannyboyz says:

5:40 "breaking ball"… yeah… balls.

Chris Watson says:

Dillon Brooks looked like a catfish lol.

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