Hartford mayor playing sanctuary politics at city’s peril? | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Hartford mayor playing sanctuary politics at city’s peril?

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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and Tucker face off over Bronin’s refusal to follow President Trump’s immigration policy #Tucker


Anna Kaspartat says:

Is he a Democrat? Is his main concern losing votes?

Chris Proctor says:

I like this Mayor of CT. "we don't have any illegal criminals.., well maybe one or maybe a few. I don't know how many there are, does this even matter." Lol, lol, lol.

Lynch Stump Co. says:

Tucker absolutely demolished this puppet!

Dorxtrance says:

lol what a fucken loser of a mayor

Faith Rocks says:

Why is anyone even mentioning the scammer media. You guys are giving the bugger fake news credibility. Everyone is sick and tired about this crap. Stop talking about this and it will STOP! You're keeping this dialogue going. Ignore them DNC and all. EVIL is how to describe the time wasters with this garb. FOX STOP REPORTING ON FAKE NEWS.

Ken Stone says:

The police in Connecticut are entirely corrupt, and so is the government.
If you want to fix Connecticut……nuke it.

John Siders says:

Big fan Tucker. Its about time that America is served a good dose of truth.

Tiger Cub says:

Trump should not bail out any city or state that is governed by a democrat.

jim smith says:

Ur a smart guy haha ?

AARONNOW39 says:


Benjamin Garrison says:

Give the illegals 30 days to get out or they will become the property of the state and they will have their citizenship of their home countries revoked. They will be forced to work hard labor with no pay and they will help build the wall.

Red Pill Carnivore says:

its soooo nice seeing these libtard Mayors getting their feet held to the fire finally. Really looking forward to Deblasio and Emanuel getting their asses kicked by Trump… Law coming to a shithole sanctuary city near you soon. keep hammering em Tucker…

JJ Hart says:

Start arresting these asshats for aiding and abetting illegals. There are laws on the books start using them.

Red Pill Carnivore says:

Right on… keep on beating the shit out of these libtard clowns Tucker!!!

Harry Edwards says:

Another lying Mayor.

MrQbenDanny says:

Your city is an unflushed toilet, and here is the culprit. You can't walk and feel safe anywhere in Hartford. This clown of a Mayor should be removed from office immediately, and this may happen when the federal government's funds are withdrawn.


Such lawlessness from the left. How come NBA, NFL, and all other hypocritical companies threaten to pull out of that state unless they get ride of sanctuary cities?

grog protocol says:

tucker spoon fed evening Tea

Keep It Real says:

The government is NOT asking police to round up illegal immigrants. What a joke.

columbarican01 says:

more lies from the left. it's funny to watch

jupin1960 says:

let me guess another Democrats mayor. Çity is broke ànd in a downward spiral of çrime. if you vote for a demo rat you deserve to live in a shit hole

Not The says:

The reason these cities don't crack down on immigration and are 'sanctuaries' is strictly for democratic votes.

1967SuperG says:

he actually said illegals dont commit crimes, on the very day an illegal murdered his girlfriend and kidnapped her 6 yr old daughter setting off an amber alert. this is why Ct is in such bad shape, we have incompetant socialist politicians

tada wahwah says:

he just said none wow!


"Do what ever it is you do". #CassicBurn ?

Victor Rosa says:

He won't be mayor much longer

Karen Omodt says:

Gosh…I hope he welcomes illegals sleep in his house, on his lawn, since he lies about them. Better yet, come sleep on the Texas Borders without bodyguards…I bet this dumb ass won't feel safe.

Robert Fields says:

Fuck the federal government, local governments do NOT have to comply as per the Constitution. This is fake news.

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