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HOME DECOR HAUL: Home Goods, Ross, Hobby Lobby

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Jayne Brandon says:

It was weird oops hi Sharon okay last night I tried to leave you a message and it said the message for this video was deleted taken down so I didn't understand that it was the first time I ever seen didn't any of your videos any Buddies but I'm glad to see it's gone now so good to see you my sister I'm playing

Carolyn Ross says:

Sharon the blue and white vases you have are Blue Willow design. If you got QVC and enter this number H208625 Valerie Parr Hill has ginger jars in that color as well as other colors and they light up. They are pierced and are battery operated. I think that they are so pretty and classy. I live in Salisbury so you were in the neighborhood when you were in Kannapolis.

Kibblesnbits Gemini says:

Aren't you a doll baby!!!!! You gotta wear this look more often!!! Great haul!!!!

hazelidgal63 says:

Sharon what type of liner do you use on your bottom inner eye? I used to use liner on the inside bottom of my eye but they changed the liner and now it doesn't stay on.

Shirley Chin says:

You look amazing ???

Shawn Harris says:

Hey Sharon by the way love the blue it was a great change

Kim haley says:

Omg LOVE EVERYTHING you go girl I'm liking your Valentines Day better ?

Linda W says:

Really like the up hairdo today.  You look beautiful. U made a great haul.

Renae McGahee (Dream Chaser) says:

You are looking Fabulous!  Loving the make-up and the up do!  Great Haul!

Diva Designing on a Dime with Kimberly Davis says:

GUUURRLLL! I need those vases lol The blue and white and the large vase (GORGEOUS) Thanks for sharing/Be Blessed!!!

Tia Watts says:

Hey Sharon! That hair is FABULOUS!!!

Jennifer Tramel says:

Love your decor can't wait to see your new home

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