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How did two unpopular candidates win? BBC News

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have historically low favourability ratings – so how did they rise to the tops of their parties?
David Botti reports.

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President Jonah says:

Rigged n racism

Arthur Wellesley says:

Dear BBC. If somebody wins a democratic election it's not because they are unpopular, it's because they are popular. Otherwise people wouldn't vote for them.

ZeitLan Inc. says:

My vote goes to the dormant super volcano under Yellowstone park that will inevitably kill us all.

Phil Dobson says:

The Primaries doesn't explain why Oligarchic George Soros was able to push the abomination that is Hillary Clinton in as a candidate for, WW3 Halloween Witch, President?
Soros "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, making him a profit of $1 billion. Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world yet appears to want WW3 to put the icing on the cake?

The Castelan says:

Finally The BBC admits Clinton is not popular, now if they would kindly act like journalists {who am I kidding?} and dig a little deeper in to her corruption, you can start with her brother and the gold mining contracts, they may be able to redeem themselves a little. I'll even give them a head start.

Marcus Aurelius says:

Vote for Dictator Nixon.

Poteto Salado says:


Zanzibar Haberdasher says:

Hillary won because the DNC was actively campaigning on her behalf and conspired to take Bernie Sanders down.

Daniel Bostock says:

Trump is very popular actually. His rallies have broken records.
He's had over 600,000 attend whilst Hilary has had 30,000.
Trump has started a movement, and brought other movements together.
National pride is popular

Vinmoonsu says:

I asked my 6 year old daughter the same question.She told me that In America you doesn't have to be popular to become the president, she says all you have to do is kiss Zionists ass.

LittleHellXIII says:

People who hate Trump are voting for Hillary, people who hate Hillary are voting for Trump. They're riding the wave of the liberal/right wing culture wars going on.
I'm not sure if anyone is genuinely voting for either because they believe they'll make a good president, which is a problem really.

Miele Rodriguez says:

The Clinton Crime Family always get a pass. The Clinton Foundation is a criminal entity. She is the most corrupt candidate ever.

Miele Rodriguez says:

Trump is not unpopular. I'm proud to support Donald J Trump.

Zen says:

this lools like a video from vox i cant even hear the bbc brittish accent

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