How Drake Writes A Melody | Holistic Songwriting S1E9 | Poris Radio - VIDEO

How Drake Writes A Melody | Holistic Songwriting S1E9

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We’ve done a couple artists on this show now where we link the music of an artist back to their image. I think it’s crucial to look at the bigger picture when analyzing a musician because understanding where someone is coming from will often give you important clues about their reasoning behind certain musical choices…

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Nicholas Katsikas says:

The title should be “How Drakes Goast Writers Writes a Melody.”

David CM says:

Friedemann! I'm so happy to see the artist melody series again! I confess I didn't think much of Drake's music but your analysis is incredible! Hope the series continues flying high! Hire me!

Ebun Laws says:

Do Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar

Peter Seo says:

Id love to see you do a video on one of the best lyricists in pop music, Frank Ocean

Patrick McDaniel says:

such an awesome video. thank you man

oranjmix says:

Wow, really good analysis here! ?

Vadeem Victorian says:

I was waiting to see a video of Quintin Miller handing off lyrics to drake ?

prod. Lil Road says:

How Kanye writes a melody?

Thomas M says:

You should do "how The Strokes write a melody" next!

Edwin Chirino says:

drake don't write shit

MrOksamies says:

Don't know if this is intentional, but it's funny how you use a grey theme and chill beat music on your face videos which just makes the viewer concentrate on the visual representations/music videos. Great work on that video directing!

Popozkilla 420 says:

Bin auch deutscher und im oktober geboren lol

Maximilian Herrmann says:

*how partynextdoor writes melodies

Jordan von Tagen says:

YES! I’ve been waiting for more videos in this series!

Sarius dm says:

In case i now know why I dont linke Drake xD

Sarius dm says:

How Rammstein Writes a Melody! PLZ <3

SunCat says:

do kendrick

BeatzbyRae says:

Awesome video

Gale Capellan says:


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