HOW TO DO A BACKFLIP | Parkour & Tricking Tutorials w/ Vinny Grosso | Poris Radio - VIDEO

HOW TO DO A BACKFLIP | Parkour & Tricking Tutorials w/ Vinny Grosso

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Learn HOW TO DO A BACKFLIP!! This parkour tutorial will teach you how to safely land a back tuck which is an important trick for any breakdancer, free runner or gymnast!

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Directed & Edited by: Matt Steffanina
Filmed by: Jeffrey Lin

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Nat-Nat Ng says:

the thing is I wanna learn but fear always block me

Azzuri Qamyrul says:

Is very easy to do anless u focus

Tammy Pittman says:

I tried this and almost broke my neck

Ayo DSG says:

The common sense thing to do is to try this on a trampoline, if u can't have a professional on hand. That's what I'm planning to do. Trampoline first and then i will try doing it on like a couch, bed, cushion pad something soft like that will help my fall if i fail and hopefully once I am not scared I shall do it on the ground. I pray I don't break my back but still… be careful.

Snuwp says:

+Juanquino Bandelariaj Just kidding

Snuwp says:

+Juanquino Bandelariaj so is yours: Your = You're*

Hamza Farooq says:

i Trayed

Kristyn Robbins says:

can u still practice it on a trampoline?

d3xr - نووأأففء‎ says:

I tried to jump off a sliding game, i did a backflip and now my back is now broken, i did go to the doctor now i need to lay down for 7 weeks.

Anar- Erdene says:

ihave idea we need try thisand die and we should do this on heaven or hell

Stephanie King says:


harvey goodall says:

yea i landed on my neck too,??

Explicit Hd says:

Thx a lot i almost broke my neck

CoolBoy_ FuntionC Minecrafter says:

i meane made it

CoolBoy_ FuntionC Minecrafter says:

i mad it yessss

Karen 17 says:

His demonstration is so tempting that I wanna try it so bad. If not only my fear of breaking my bones

I_Am _Jordanian_Jaguar says:

the part were am struggling at that pulling my knee's to grab them .. i can do back handspring easy and i was do that mistake when i attempt to do backflip that i look back directly when i jump ….

Dream of Twilight says:

I might die of I try o. o

Alpha_Sports says:

I try but I can't

Erika Tabios says:

based on the thumbnail I think it should be titled.. how to take your pants off while in mid air

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