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How to Get Amazon Product Reviews the RIGHT Way

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How to Get Amazon Product Reviews the RIGHT Way

In this Amazon FBA training video, Stephen details how to get Amazon product reviews and stay compliant with Amazon’s seller terms of service.

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Nirajkumar Patel says:

best affiliate mate. Good job.

Reviews GaloreUK says:

Great video mate I have a lot to learn

Egor Vladimirov says:

Thanks for useful video, but If I have 0 reviews, then nobody buys my product, how to get first sales and first reviews?

sagun bouza says:

i have a question . where can I find my reviews from customer if I have some ?…. thanks for your video

Simaira Mou says:

thanks bro!

The Source Force says:

great video! would it be against TOS if I added a link to the product that they purchased so it makes it an easy one click link right to where they can leave the feedback?

Dean Birmingham says:

Nice, very imformative! 5Stars!

Silviu Onitoiu says:

Hi. Is it ok to ask for a review? espesially to say that we'd love a 5star review? Could this be against amazon terms?

Wahid Lahlou says:

Hey, thanks for the tips.
Why didn't you just edit the 4th edition description to redirect people to the 5th edition?

SanityLoss says:

so how many tax permits did you need to apply for? Ive made 4k at the start of 2016 then found out we need to pay taxes to all of these states.. its confusing

Tawny T. Lovell says:

I didn't know I could send the customer emails through FBA. Thanks for this info.

Outdoor wrangler says:

good video. I'm more of a Ozarka water guy.

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