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How To Look Fashionable | Fashion Trends 2017

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Are you a fashionista who is always curious to know about trends or a person who doesn’t know how to style? You must be wondering how these Bollywood celebrities get it right all the time, well they all do have a stylist, but if you are looking for one, then you have come to the right place!

We bring you Bollywood Celebrity Stylist Leepakshi Ellawadi, who shares her fashion predictions for 2017

2016 has played a huge role in terms of fashion and we hope 2017 also has some great trends too, the classic white sneakers to stripes they are hoped to continue, but are we going to style it the similar way? Let’s find out in this video!

Here Leepakshi Ellawadi shows us the best of trends perfect for 2017, and how you can style them and where can you wear these,


Leepakshi Ellawadi is a bollywood celebrity stylist, who has styled Anushka Sharma for Sultan, and also won award for best costume design, she is also working on Kabir’s Khan Tubelight, and worked on Mirzya, Ek Villain, & Happy Ending, she styles celebrities like Divya Khosla Kumar, Disha Patani, Pooja Hegde, and more!

Yellow is great, but having it in your wardrobe? Let’s see what Leepakshi Ellawadi has to say about this!

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is anything which suit best on a 5'8" skinny girl??plzzzz tell

chukwuemeka blessing says:

Do your fashion illustrations, sketches and drawings

Marybeth The Stylist says:

I love the up coming trends!

Diva Me says:

this is not 2017 fashion! this fashion trend was there 5-6 years ago

Rohan Goswami says:

shirt dresses are a huge turn off 😏

Lights Camera Hiliary says:

That white lace top is soooo amazing! I need it. New subbie <3

Viktoriya G says:

published in 2016 😑, im thinking spring, summer 2017 not jan 2017

Jagseer Sandhu says:

yr hindi bol lo

Elena Ceaușescu says:

I saw the thumbnail. I think i got click baited 🙁

meesha_k says:

i cannot believe how on point this video was…
when i first saw it, i was underwhelmed by the trends mentioned, but now im seeing shirt dresses and yellow and red EVERYWHERE!!!
i looked back through my viewer history just to find this video again and subscribe. you guys really did your research! thank you!

John Wynn says:

Yeah! fashionable for OLD people😤

H Fisher says:

Boring and Khaki is pronounced like the ack in Wacki with a K . The way you say it is distracting if you know what I mean.

Charline pl says:

Does somebody else like fashion from 40s?

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like that !!!

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Van Vegan says:

It is a pity her English is so bad I want to cry 🙁

Harsha P says:

u must wear and show the magic

Kilometro Lopez says:

what the fuck people are idiots that shit are just rags what i se ita just rags thats it people gives shit intrest what the fuck idiots

Michele Conley says:

Khaki is pronaced Ca-key CA like Cat A is silent Ki As in Key. Sorry ; )

ImCheapSoWhat says:

Great Videos. I wonder if you reply to comments.

Tanganika Bell says:

horrible to me

sharron vassell says:

I agree with about all these ideas

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I loved the black skirt

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