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How to Make Reaction Videos on Your Android Phone

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How to Make Reaction Videos on Your Android Phone In this video I show you guys how to make reaction videos on your Android phone. I also show you guys how to set it up to have the best quality. You guys will first need a screen recorder which I have selected the best 3 below for you which will take you to the playstore.
Also I have left a link to a app which is the webcam app but only face cam. I use it in most of my videos because the face cam for screen recorders some times don’t work. It is called floating face cam. After that you can adjust the audio so your voice and the video audio is balanced. Then go on youtube and select your video and you can start screen recording 🙂

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Sir Luis
Links Below:

Top 3 Best Screen Recorders:
1) Adv Screen Recorder:
→ Link: http://bit.ly/1STM6u7
2) AZ Screen Recorder:
→ Link: http://bit.ly/1BPleAi
3) SCR Screen Recorder:
→ Link: http://www.scr-screen-recorder.com/

Floating Camera App
→ Link:http://bit.ly/29qnVq2

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Danny Kut says:

Is there a way you can do it on a apple Macbook?

Manmita S says:

Really helped thank you so much!

HowLium 7 says:

high quality! boi

Ak's Yt gaming says:

can u tell me how to recorde high quality audio using my phome when i am recording reacting videos

Tasty Food with Saira says:

i can't make reaction video… can you help me out?

Tasty Food with Saira says:

i can't understand should i download floating camera app because i have built in option in my phone to record screen..

Paul Skip says:

do you record your reaction vid on adv screen recorder

Rudo & Jennyric FOREVER says:

hey soup with screen recorders offer a free Facecam

sania Hudson says:

this dead ass works

Hey Its Angeli says:

how can you save your video on floating camera ??

Girly Nerd says:

how do you save it?

Tha Fam Bam says:

Help me out alot thanks

Shy Beats says:

What about for iPhone

NAMS Naughty Actorz MS says:

bro give me ur mic model name plss

The Omglon Channel says:


Queen Phillips says:

really helpful video
starting my reaction channel soon

Acro boy says:

i dont see the enable facecam on the settings of adv

Youtube Jarred says:


Laila says:

So basically i just need a screne recorder with a face cam or just get a editting software with voice over

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