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How To Make Reaction Videos – Tutorial | KpopSteve

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Today I am doing a tutorial on how to make reaction videos! I go fairly in depth but if you have any other questions post them below 🙂
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How NOT To Make Reaction Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bzw6UY4rdU
Problems with Being Called KpopSteve:

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Kpop made me start a YouTube channel where I scream and talk fast. I also like other things which aren’t kpop, I know that’s hard to believe.

Here I do reactions, skits, talks, tests, and what other ideas which pop into my head!

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J-bo Reactions says:

Dude thank you ?

Gymnya says:

I like how you seem like Dantdm

Sarajane Belche says:

Can you PLEASE do a reaction video to Raz Simone – Clout ????

M Pakhnu says:

Hey Steve. Thanks for the tutorial. My daughter and I are starting out making videos. Do you have any other advice aside from this video of how to be successful youtubers? If you like please check out my first video I made. I was just playing around. Please tell me what you think. https://youtu.be/j9Mtofc0Euw

Anshuman Singh says:

hi freinds there is also a video on this topic. it can help you much better

Messed Up says:

my voice doesn't show when the MV starts

Dhim Dham says:

man that was a pretty helpful tutorial video….
u forced me to sub to u. 😛

sooogreat says:


adnan dahir says:

Pocket video is very good

Kevin Borland says:

Well done. Thanks for the solid advice.

Nikolas Katanjian says:

How do you get permission to do Reaction videos

Helmi Roy Danendra says:

How to avoid the copyright strikes when you react to that mv????

JayzusTV says:

Just used these tips to make my reaction video. Thanks!

Dee Banga says:

How do you pulse the reaction video while you talk about it for a sec

Sans plays weird games life says:

dude this helped me out but like 100000 stuff to do

los tígeres says:

Tnks 4 your video
It was very helpful
I o u more than a like….
Do what u do best
and ille try to be a
Good you tuber…:)

StudentGX says:

Wait…is he serious… I thought this was going to be some sort of parody video…

Zinqzz Reacts says:

I'm about to start mine

I'm wondering how can I react to other videos without getting copyrighted ?

Stephanie Bruso says:

How do you download the videos? Thanks!

Crystal K says:

i love your voice!

DreDre says:

How do I transfer a video from my phone to my computer lol

DreDre says:


kevin martinez says:

how can we use a computer camera

John Knee says:

Talk slower

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