Huge Spring Primark Haul | Zoella | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Huge Spring Primark Haul | Zoella

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I did a Primark Haul! It was long overdue but it was so much fun 🙂
Previous Video: http://bit.ly/1EYtbYY
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Dress – Asos – http://bit.ly/1D6AA9G
Watch – Daniel Wellington “Classic Sheffield Lady” Rose Gold – http://bit.ly/1b2wx2d
Ring – Rose Gold Feather – ASOS – http://bit.ly/17CN23I
Bracelets – Rose Gold Orelia Arrow – http://bit.ly/1FPBRzW
Whistles Battered Metal with Tie – http://bit.ly/1JiJ4xV

Where else to find me:

SECOND CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/morezoella
BLOG : http://www.zoella.co.uk
FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/zoe.zoella
TWITTER : http://www.twitter.com/Zozeebo
INSTAGRAM : http://www.instagram.com/Zozeebo
TUMBLR : http://zoella.tumblr.com/

In The Background:

Cute/Creepy Handmade Dolls – Ruby & Ruth – http://bit.ly/1MoqfZ2
(one is called Malcolm and one is called Rita just FYI)
Lamps – John Lewis – http://bit.ly/1798lZI
Fairy Lights – Papillon – http://bit.ly/1CxlwfH
Cushions – Heals



Taya Scarlett says:

I wear my gel shoes when I go under the sea, don't know why I just do? Xoxo

Lilybeets_xo says:

what lipstick are you wearing

Wubbuffet says:

Yesss I live in Bristol and the primark here is the best..

DonnyTigz says:

love the smell of jellies <3 <3 <3

Kia Phipps says:

shorts belly top and a long cardin

Abby Jackson says:

What lipstick are you wearing in this video??❤️

Chloe Cullen says:


A. Y. S. says:

I keep replaying that hum you did in the beginning, it sounds like you have a really good voice! Singing that is

Catherine Bevan says:

makeup tutorial on your makeup here is well needed

Jess Hursit says:

does anyone know the lipstick Zoe is wearing, I love that colour!

Courtney Louth says:

i have pink heeled jellys, i wear them with long thin dresses and frilly socks x

GoldenbanjoDJ says:

Whenever I go to Primark I'm with someone else and I never spend any money. I'm also left feeling slightly nauseous

Polina Suchkova says:

How old is Zoella?

Vanessa Tran says:

am I the only one who replayed the beginning where she was humming like 100 times…

Dorinda v says:

Yas, I am going to the Primark Saturday. the Primark in the Netherlands in Eindhoven ?

Amber says:

I love yo zoella x x x x x x

NioBE says:

Man, I LOVE Primark.

Megan Hearn says:

wear jellies wiv tights a pretty top and a black skirt xxx

Lucy Robinson says:

I have to sleep in socks ? I hate having bare feet

Kelly Boyce says:

You and Louise are friendship goals. 

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