Huge Summer Try On Haul | Urban Outfitters, Asos, Target, + More! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Huge Summer Try On Haul | Urban Outfitters, Asos, Target, + More!

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It’s been a long time since we have done a haul video on this channel! So here we go! I did some major shopping these past week from Urban Outfitters, Target, Brandy Melville, Asos, Misguided, and Anthropology. Haul videos are my favorite to watch so I hope you enjoy this!
– ash
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Savage_ xannel says:

Haul vibes ?☕??????????❤???????

smarty Srini says:

Ur me with those shirts

One Stop Infotainment says:

"Look at all my stuff." And gross materialism is successfully instilled in another generation of consumers.

Alison Thorn says:

Your videos are so great! Petition for Ashley to hit 1 million, anyone? Love you! ?

Dalia Grenna says:

Omg I am in love with your character and your hauls pls tell m where you got that top your wearing an di the joggers or sweatpants you were wearing love you sos so so so much!

Jasmin Hede says:

Subbing cause you're goals❤️??

Amelie Despins says:

I like her style but shes annoying

D&N BFF's says:

I'm a sander/flip flop because it's summery

You Just Watched That says:

400,000+ views…

Sandy Davids says:

Ash Wednesday

Emily R. says:

"Work in sweatpants." ~Ashley Nicole 2k17

Lola McDowall says:

Ur sooo funny!?

Lola McDowall says:

Ur sooo funny!?

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