i give myself away/ Here i am to worship | Poris Radio - VIDEO

i give myself away/ Here i am to worship

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This songs are Powerful, I love it! ♥♥♥
i hope your guys like it…..Worship God at all timessss!!!
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J.C Gregory says:

God bless you guys, Please don't forget share this video and suscribe to my channel!!

janet alizan gardinal warjri says:

I give my self away for your glory🙏🙏

Candice Stephens says:


raecharles 2tbs says:

Absolute fave

Teca Dimaiwea says:

Glory be return to you O GOD ❤

phineas Mutugi says:

I surrender to You Lord. Take me and Use me today Lord.

Myra Taylor says:

Love I love God is good 💒⛪

froggerp2008 says:

Your my god me and my Family are so beautiful blessed with a new baby. Ava😍

Donnecea Adams says:

Lord i give my self to you

Sabrina Ramirez says:

I give my life away to you father ..

Kelebogile Letsoalo says:

2018?? 👐👐

keana satney says:

life is not yours…give it away to your father in heaven

Theophilus T. Toby, ll. says:

Thank God for His Divine Grace

Lolietta Hodges says:

I love this song

Lennarda Lucas says:

I lost my brother who i grew up with and went through trials and tribulations with… we both were abandoned by our mother and even though she abused us and treated us badly we had eachother.. two separate fathers that were brothers.. my mother slept with my fathers brother in his married bed.. and they had my brother… i loved him but his father didnt treat him good and i saw that.. i loved him even tho we had sister and brother fights but as we got older we gotten so close he was like a son to me .. my best friend.. my sister my brother my child.. just four years younger than me.. when he died i felt i lost everything.. my soul died … i didnt even dream him.. he was just gone.. and i drowned myself in tears and tears i couldnt even think.. my mom never came to his funeral she never went to see him and she worked at tje hospital he was pronounced dead.. i have built up hurts and pains i dont know how i carried.. we both suffered but my brother suffered more than me because of his parents and he never complained… he was so spiritual and happy and content with what little he had.. he was everything i should be and fell short off… i was more the protector.. he got shot sitting in a chair in a freinds house… i was so down i changed.. i also grew up being told i cant have children.. my brother died on 21 st February 2017… i found out i an pregnant in February this year.. a year after… i cried and cried.. not to mention the power of God three weeks after he died i sat crying on my back step asking God why dont i dream him? He is just gone.. then one morning i woke up praying and praising God.. i had reached rock bottom.. and then… i dream the most realistic dream of my brother telling me.. hey … i am in good hands… i am okay.. i hugged him tight asking him.. u know i love u right?? He shook his head saying yes.. i asked him who killed him and he said he didnt know.. and for me not to worry.. and for the first time i woke up with a smile. .. WHO IS GOING TO TELL ME THAT GOD DOES NOT EXIST???? I AM PREGNANT… 15 WEEKS.. AND SCARED… BUT I BELIEVE IN GOD.. I BELIEVE IN HIS WAY OF LIFE… EVEN WHEN I KNOW HE TOOK MY BROTHER TO MAKE SURE HE IS WITH HIM AND NOT WITH THE DEVIL BECAUSE HE WAS PURE.. THANK U.. if you read this.i hope i inspired u a little bit

. Give yourself away so GOD CAN USE YOU….

2Real_Jodeci says:

i like this song thank you

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