I Paid $5400 For an Old iPhone! iOS 10.3 Theatre Mode & More Apple News | Poris Radio - VIDEO

I Paid $5400 For an Old iPhone! iOS 10.3 Theatre Mode & More Apple News

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I Paid $5400 for a 10 Year Old iPhone, iOS 10.3 Will Bring a Theatre Dark Mode & Jet White iPhone 7? What’s Happening Now With Apple.

iPhone 2G Insane Prices: https://youtu.be/iko0bCVW-zk


Aviv Chen says:

Plz! Don't change the logo! This one is beautiful!

minto blamo says:

Android did it first

andman290 says:

what? may I have that extra Macbook pro you got? Pretty please?!

Zyurg says:

How about 1,000 degree iron on that shirt, because you need to iron that shit.

Seth Cooper says:

Submit terrorist black cholesterol support random vital justice hunt valley

David Johnson says:

What a dumbass

TW3EK69 says:

Why the fuck did he pay that much for an iPhone?

DeathMetalMorty says:

Also how about you tell those apple fucking Jews to send me a mac book. Doesn't really say anything good about Apple when they send a over priced laptop to someone who makes revenue from breaking phones, have them send it to those who work for a living.

Manny Vlogs says:

@everythingapplepro plz since u are not using the MacBook that Apple sent u can u give it to me plz I cannot afford a new laptop I am stuck with a 1999 computer plzzz. or at least plz do a giveaway plzzz.

DeathMetalMorty says:

So what exactly is theater mode? is it just dimming your screen cause if it is you apple fans really lowered your standards. Getting so excited for such a stupid update.


How do we jailbreak like yours?

Harsh Rana says:

i need this wallpaper at 2:13

Tom k says:

10:00 exactly lul. gotta make back that $5400 lul

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