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I Tried Android for the First Time

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Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone 6 Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin.

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Galbi 3000 says:

Another huge plus with Android is that newer apps will work on older builds of the OS. My Android phone went faulty but I could not afford a replacement. My mother being an Apple fan got me a cheap iPhone 4S to replace it. I can not use things like Amazon Music because the iPhone 4S is stuck at iOS 9.3.5 and the Amazon Music app requires iOS 10 and up. You don't get that with Android! I really want to replace the iPhone with an Android but still can not afford it 🙁

Doomsday 72 says:

My phone s7 edge has the touch Id

GRat9717 says:

You might be brain damaged.

Valentin Flores says:

I have android for dem emulator hacks

Masonepiclow27 says:

apple sucks

Cody Lamoureaux says:


Sore Makarov says:

It should've been a Samsung Galaxy Phone!

Slim White guy says:


blazin' awesome says:

Snapchat still sucks on android 😂

tf you here for ? says:

All android Android phones are different. You should've tried samsung

CS Interviews says:

how are people even comparing ios to android. Maybe back in the day there was some competition, But now with android 8.0, android keeps getting better and better while ios remains the same and even gets worse lol

Ultra says:

iMessage is really the main issue.

Tejush Badal says:

Half this video is just him having problems setting up the phone and his apps which are his fault and nothing actually about Android

Space Metel says:

I love android happy you tried it

RED MOBILE uk says:

My tweaked 7 edge pisses all over my brothers iPhone X for phone signal ..and we're on the same network..ide never use apple again it was boring as hell and all they wanted was money

xFire Kingx says:

I like android cuz it fell from a 5 floor house and it works just as good as it worked

WaynesWorkVlog says:

YOUR ENTIRE bitch (and all other idiot sheeple's) is that the OS is hard to get used to but in reality 90% of it is your dumbass not knowing your own passwords…

Aaron McMillan says:

Wow you traded an iPhone for a fake android iPhone. Why use a nexus your setting yourself up for failure. Might as well go for a flip phone lol the smartness of an iPhone user.

willie gamer says:

Best phone ever this commet was made by my phone witch is Android

Glenn Bakkah 1 1 1 says:


P4ND4 jr. says:

Did anyone notice that in the first scene the billiard stick didn't make a dropsound

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