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im broke!! | viv vlogs #1

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Hope you all enjoy tagging along w me during this super casual Sunday to start of my “viv vlogs” series where I’ll be posting a vlog once a week! Let me know if you guys like that idea (: so yeaaa ya girl is gonna be living on like $25 since I have to wait for my new cards to come in the mail for the next week hahahah

khalid – saved & location
pnb rock – playa no more


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Vivian V says:

Love you all so much!! LIKE THIS if I should do a vlog a week in addition to my usual weekly video! So two vids a week?? <3 also what other videos do you want to see? xoxoxo

Deej Johnson says:

that's my song girl

XPunky1011X says:

What does she do to get so much money? There aren't many young people with amazing paying careers so I'm genuinely curious

MAR BEAR Vlogs says:

#bored repost if bored too

Hailee Tomten says:

if you're going to share an artist

say the name correctly:)

just a friendly tip

The crazy boys says:

Girl I wish I was your kind of broke. The only cash I find in my house are dimes 😞😞😂😭

alilyahna Jucutan says:

wow…title: I'm broke!
me:Oh no!
a couple minutes into the video: just found some spare 100s and 20s

Petra Földi says:

Can you do organizational videos?😍 btw you are my favourite youtuber!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lidya Yang says:

Car tour please !! :p

Caramia says:

you find $100 + lying around your house and I can barley find a 5$ bill..

Cirene Brevick says:

You're literally not broke you have money 😂

Cirene Brevick says:

Do u have eyelash extensions?

El Xo says:

I always use waterproof mascara on my bottom lashes to prevent it from falling under my eyes

Klover says:

Hm. Didn't shower after the jog.

ELLA says:

I want ur house and ur doggg 😫😫😫😫😂😂😂

Shorten says:

seruously….you just lost your debit card and had your dog chew up your credit card😂😂😂wtf

michelle b says:

Location by Khalid!! Yes girl! whips aggressively

edward woodaqrd says:

you have very nice hair i recommend the use of coconut oil that is all you need i agree no heat is best eat a lot of apples trim the ends every few months i use a product called hair food i purjchased at my hair supplier on the bargain counter for half price it has vitamin e along with multiple b it goes right on the hair hair spray is also bad for the hair you have very nice hair so keep it healthy ed

Anita Kovács says:

what's the point of that stupid car? you are alone, you don't have any bags to carry but you still drive that shit. if you ever asks these days why the weather is so fucked up and crazy, well it's because of u.

Miz Hijabbi says:

"I just found some cash laying around"
holds $130
"this will do for now"

Alex Nash says:

What an insulting title for those of us who are actually struggling. Why is it so hard for people to be mindful?

kelly says:

broke people appropriation 😤😤also, how do y'all pronounce "Khalid"?

Alicia Delgado says:

what an insult to actual broke people.

oncer upon a make-up says:

can you do a makeup tutorial on this look please stunning 😘

Badlands Pity Party says:

Can I be this broke pls n thx

Annie Guerrero says:

What the fuck. Where I'm from $25 will barely get you 1/4 a tank.

Isabel Nguyen says:

Girl, you have a touchscreen fridge that tells time!….My fridge doesn't even make ice..you find a 100$ bill laying around your house, I get excited when I find a 1$ bill in my pocket!

Betty Rodriguez says:

Jasper is sooo funny! His expressions are priceless! I have always had female animals as pets and recently just got a boy and he is so full of attitude its hysterical..

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