Incredible Crispy Roast Goose and Claypot Rice in Hong Kong — HK Travel Food Guide! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Incredible Crispy Roast Goose and Claypot Rice in Hong Kong — HK Travel Food Guide!

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On Day 36 of our Round The World Trip for Food with Star Alliance, it was a rainy day in Hong Kong. We started off with some local dim sum, then had incredible roast goose and finished the night with claypot rice.

1:03 Breakfast dim sum at Sam Hui Yat – Thanks to http://www.foodiehub.tv/, for recommending this restaurant to me. Sam Hui Yat is a Hong Kong neighborhood dim sum restaurant that’s nothing fancy at all, but serves just good tasting, everyday dim sum and yum cha. It’s just a neighborhood hangout, and it’s the type of place I absolutely love. We had a mix of different dim sum, all of which sit at the front of the restaurant slowly steaming and keeping hot until they are ordered and eaten. Everything was good but the lo mai gai, glutinous rice steamed in a lotus leaf was one of my personal favorites. Total price – 102 HKD ($13.15)

7:32 Yung Kee Roast Goose – For lunch we headed to the legendary Yung Kee restaurant in Hong Kong, known for serving some of the best roast goose in all of Hong Kong. There are a lot of stories and drama that surrounds Yung Kee, that I don’t even begin to know all about. But anyway, the restaurant is overall very nice, like a pretty fancy Chinese Cantonese restaurant. The roast goose was absolutely out of this world, with skin that was so crispy and juicy, and a nice blend of salty and sweet in the sauce. Yung Kee is an amazing restaurant in Hong Kong for fantastic roast duck. The chicken and the other dishes we tried were also excellent. Total price – 654.50 HKD ($84.33)

17:29 Four Seasons Claypot Rice (Yau Ma Tei) – To be honest, my wife Ying and I were pretty tired and exhausted from the day, but we decided to head over to Yau Ma Tei for a quick local Hong Kong dinner and to walk around the Temple Street Night Market. Since we were both quite full from lunch, we only ordered a couple dishes including a claypot rice with chicken and mushrooms, and a plate of morning glory with fermented bean sauce on the top. It was a great dinner on this Hong Kong food drink. Total price – 71 HKD ($9.15)

23:12 Temple Street Night Market – Temple Street Night Market is one of the old Hong Kong night markets. There’s not a lot to see or do, but it’s a nice place to browse around at night.

Day 35 in Hong Kong was a wonderful day of delicious Hong Kong food and attraction!

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Thank you to JW Marriott Hong Kong for sponsoring my hotel stay.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.

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Erin Bell says:

Another great video, Mark! I hope you, Ying, and Micah are doing well :)

chinesegrlie says:

hi mark! the word gai in the dish "lo mai gai" means chicken.

Adam Tan says:

"That is ridiculous" – highest grade awarded by Mark to anything

iseeflowers says:

I thought chicken mushroom clay pot usually come with Chinese sausage.

Charles Stokes says:

Great looking video. Looks like you upgraded. Are you doing 2K 60fps? An update on your equipment would be nice!

David Katiang says:

Everytime Mark says "Im just gonna have a little bit of everything" then suddenly everything falls off. Totally love your vids Mark! Keep it up!

煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle says:

Sam Hui Yat is the bomb mate! Welcome to Hong Kong Mark!

iseeflowers says:

Mark, you didn't put the sauce that usually comes with the meatballs.

Frechter Almog says:


richard schindler says:

How do you eat so much and not gain weight? Great video, now I want to go out and get some goose. Good thing I'm close to China town in NYC.

Rosemarie Hernandez says:

thanks for the video ilove it????


When you have to eat hot sauce out of a bottle at a Hong Kong restaurant it isn't saying too much about the restaurant. Sorry Mark. Top notch restaurants will have their special hot sauce home made. It would be great if showed us what you didn't like about a restaurant instead of everything that is a like ?

kong xiong says:

awesome video

pilotho says:

Great video as always. Kind of amusing when you pronounce the Cantonese names with a Thai accent.

I Nyoman Prayana Trisna says:

owner of the first place looks so rude

Wayne Ronnie says:

The road signs are same style as UK's!

Anna Leonard says:

Mark: I believe that the ha gow is wrapped in a 'skin' made from mostly wheat starch and some cornstarch 🙂 It's a perfect union to what's inside.

Lara W says:

I love the head tilt!

Priya Dharshini says:

Super awesome food!! My fav country ?

evogardens says:

Hey Ying & Mark,
Eating Dim Sum / Yum Cha with friends or family is one of life's pure joys.
That Goose looked amazing…..I would love to try it one day.
How's baby Micah going ?

Donrawser says:

Pickled ginger is used after you ate the strong thousand year egg to clean your palate

opwave79 says:

I live for that crusted rice on the bottom of claypot rice, dolsot bibimbap, tselogs….

dracokaiser says:

You speak Cantonese too?????

Hans Hansen says:

You should think about getting a 4K camera :)

Ash Jan says:


gupsphoo says:

That meatball at Sam Hui Yat wasn't pork. It's beef.

Cheryl P says:

Mark, the soy sauce which was a little sweet, maybe something similar to PONZU sauce (I know that's Japanese)? Not sure, looked like it – as always, LOVE your videos!

hasry abdul samad says:

dia bukan makan dgn nasi…makan lauk je….baik ko order lauk je

Patricia Highton says:

anointed!!! LOL

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