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Internet reacts to Melania’s awkward moment

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An awkward moment between Melania and Donald Trump in Israel caught the internet’s attention.


Yakuza Jessie says:

She thought!! She was till factions showing 👠👙

Chelsea Marchette says:

Who the hell cares! For all anyone knows the media is just make a big deal out of nothing. We don't know what goes on in their personal lives and we shouldn't. That's their business. If the the same thing would've happened with Michelle and Barrack Obama nobody would've said anything. The media is so biased! Shut the hell up and talk about something that's actually relevant to our country!

BTW I'm so glad TRUMP is president!!!!

Noelle Alexandra says:

he just got rejected by his own wife

Onamishionz says:

she was probably thinking "Get that weak shit outta of here " i don't blame her who would hold hand whit a expired Doritos bag

Robo King says:

who cares. they both bitches

Gry Phyn says:

meanwhile Trump unites the Muslim nations to fight against Iran, to help Syrian people by fighting against the Assad regime, to stop the flow of money into the terrorist networks and brokers a 50 Billion dollar deal that will put thousands of american citizens back work. Then, he goes over to Palestine and convinces them to start talking peace with Isreal, goes to Isreal, gets them to fight against terrorism, to start the peace process with Palestine and and sells them a bunch of fighter jets in another deal that will bring in billions to the USA and create even more jobs. The man has done more in those few days for bringing peace to the middle east than ANY ONE. And CNN bashes trump for what? His wife slapping his hand away. For christ sakes people. Get your act together.

Global Awakening says:

OMG!!! Breaking news! A couple is mad at each other!!!!!

Mystic Mark says:

Isn't this what happens to normal couples? How sad the world is right now for even using this..

Dan Kirk says:

Who actually gives a single fuck?

MegaRbase says:

They are blatantly just fucking
no love lost here

TheCrappy Robot says:

Does CNN Remember the time Hillary did the same damm thing with Bill?
Or that time she went to kiss Obama and left Bill hanging…?

sheri wilson says:

Good thing none of you have ever had a SPAT with your ,loved one-F-ING HYPOCRITES!! But it IS CNN-So..

Glenda Wesley says:

isreal sucks they torture boys lol

Brad S says:

Or instead of the comments below, perhaps Trump and Melania agreed it would be a smart gesture to act in to get rid of the whole "Melania's being abused by Trump" fiasco. Another option

DJ Donnelly says:

Let's be honest she only married him for the money.

DJ Donnelly says:

If I have to be honest? She's a bit young for him, I think it is time to dump his ass and find someone else

Mannan Xavi says:

feling very sad to slap his hand ….i want to be kick on his asss and spit on his face ….he can' t do any thing he want to distroye isis …..fuck u trump dog from india …..

Николай Владимирович says:

funniest shit I have seen in days

rs cosworth says:

strange relationship

Sandal B says:

handholding costs extra

Tangobaldy says:

it's hot. gone from air conditioning to heat and to meet people you pretend to know and like. why would!d you want to hold hands?

Salvadore Hushpuppy says:

looool awesome indepth, critical investigative Journalism at its finest. The manpower, the hours, the obscene amount of money it costs to air something like this really is a tribute to CNN. Well done guys glad to see you havent wasted any of that top class education you are all so fond thinking puts you in an elite set. You must be so proud looool

Ronee says:

0:45 When you dont want to do, but you have to do

Marilyn Cooke says:

My question is where's Barron she said that she's never been away from him for a day.

LiveLoveLaugh says:


Ashley Sanford says:

So she marries for money and a way into America, and now she is surprised it makes her cringe for him to touch her?! Huh… shocker.. this makes me uncomfortable on so many levels…

Damiano Acerbi says:

why is CNN still mocking on trump? he is doing what CNN masters want, e.g. backing Saudis one of the real rogue states in the world, defending Israel etc. I don't get it

That Guy Media says:

How is this news??

dave009ish says:

Trump , you need to fire the traitors in the FBI leaking photos of the terror crime scene in Manchester, UK , to the New York Times as these disgusting tactics by them for political gain are the lowest of the low. Our children were murdered, we do not expect the FBI do act in this manner , have they got no morals.

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