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iPad Air 2 – Over Two Years Later

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After over 2 years of use, I go over how well the iPad Air 2 has held up. I go over the durability of the iPad itself and also show you how software performs as well.

Gear I use: http://kit.com/Zollotech/zollotech-gear

Wallpaper for iPad: https://imgur.com/gallery/tQLLf
Wallpaper Resized for iPhone: http://imgur.com/NFSCQtc

Intro and Outro Music: “Natoma” by Phaura – https://soundcloud.com/phaura/natoma – Royalty free and used with permission by the Artist Phaura

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Givenchy Homme says:

iOS 10 is to blame. It has nothing to do with the hardware.

Ahmad Komail Farid says:

iPad Air 2 is a good iPad

Miss Ava Manhattan says:

Thanks so much for your review! I really enjoyed it!


from my research, the Ipad Pro of today doesn't have the apps to utilize the pro. so by the time Apple gives the Pro the proper apps, why upgrade from the Air 2, to the Pro now, if an obvious upgrade to the Pro has to come to accommodate the Apple app upgrades? when that comes who knows. i own neither, and am here to decide which to buy, but it seems that a small increase in speed from air 2 to pro isn't worth money now, when you can save for the obvious Upad Pro update soon

i'm not a nerd, so…sorry

Mitsios says:

hello. i have big time trouble choosing with to buy between pro 9,7 and air 2. the main use is a game i play called "marvel contest of champions". i am sick with the game so i am will to spend serius money about itt even if me economics are very bad (i am greek) . can you help me plz? is any way you can download the game on your both devices and see the differces and make a video? mcoc community will aprreciate this. its not only for graphics but mostly the loading times betwwen battles. thnk you

THE SYA786 says:

hello , I need your help. nice vid, im thought to get one 64gb..
This can insert Sim card?
Can do powerpoints? thanks alot

to trying says:

bought one yesterday for upgrade from air 1… hope i don't get problems like short battery time, google apps not working, laggy processing, and sticky home button 🙂

Elissa Cain says:

zollotech i really want a ipad air 2 soo bad please do a giveaway

Iapple Iapple says:

iPad mini 4 is my favorite iPad

Adgurl Oone says:

I have iPad Air generation 1 and it's still amazing

Ashley Coronado says:

iPad Air 2 is the new iPad 2, it kicks butt even today, smooth, responsive, good battery life, Touch ID, nice looking display and a great ecosystem of software backing it up… the best all around tablet under $500 you can buy.

tinoushgtr says:

After years of having the trash of galaxy tab 10.1 i bought a air 2 last week and i am very impressed. You can watch 1440p youtube with it. And is very fast. Got it for only €411

Mr Smith says:

Splitting hairs perhaps???

zaftra says:

Why are there these videos asking if ipad air 2 is still any good? the freacking things are only 2 years old at least. Spend 500 on a windows laptop you'd want it to last years.

Bruce Edwards says:

I use the iPad Air 2 as my main computer and batteries deteriorated that I don't get a full day out of it

geraldine melendez says:

can I have one

anthoni Haus says:

iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4?

80eren says:

I just bought an iPad Air 2 today because I found it on sale at a great price. I have been using an iPad 3 since it came out in 2012 and now it really needed a replacement. I have just finished setting up my new iPad Air 2 and it runs like a dream compared to my old iPad 3. Great purchase!

Muhammad Azad says:

After updating to ios 10 i've noticed that it lags a bit sometimes on my Air 2.Maybe it's just not fully optimized yet.But i got rid of all of it by turning on reduce transparency and darken colours in accessibility.Not only that but it even felt faster like it was brand new.

TripleAceAAA says:

These are all meh…a few seconds faster loading games. Whatever. We tend to get sucked in by these little useless upgrades

ნიკოლოზ დარსანია тм says:

If got iPad air2 for new ear

Crespo Gaming says:

My iPad Air 2 had the frame rate be like 10 fps for like a week when ever I used it lol

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