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iPad Pro 2017 (10.5″) Review!

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iPad Pro is a spec bump, but damn is it a good one!

Are Tablets Dead? https://youtu.be/2JlDVUcedbo

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959


iPad provided by Apple for review.


Iniyavan Thillai says:

i like allens comment i think soooo

lucs1981 says:

If you are a non-pro and not interested in pencil or keyboard, if you had to buy a new iPad now to read, browse etc, u'd go for pro for the better screen, true tone or u'd go for regular iPad and save 200 bucks?

Marcos Estrada says:

The iPad does have quick charge.

OC Tech says:

It's 120hz I think.

Kaamil Naicker says:

There's a Google assistant app?

Nightcore SaeSae says:


Chandler Russell says:

@apple let's see some minimal bezels on the next iPad WINK WINK

cansgb says:

no oled? lol

Salsabila Muti'ah says:

I really confused. People say me if Ipad cannot to calling and my friend say me iPad pro can to calling so which one that true about iPad pro? answerr plzzz

GreenCatTV says:

I want this so bad… it will help me get everything done so much quicker than the iPhone 5.

Mitch Conroy says:

Thanks very helpful thank you

Kaleb McGrath Lee says:

Mine arrived 3 days ago, haven't opened it.

Louie Fajardo says:

Should i buy this 10.5 iPad Pro? or iPhone 7 plus? Please give a good reasons.

Tim Farace says:

9.7 pro 399.00 Walmart

Mr. Ferraro says:

You're a good guy! Thanks for sharing.

Soumen Seal says:

hey folks, would u suggest to buy dis, to produce music on the go?? need help!!!

Rohit Maindoliya says:

Marquees brownies is a best tech channel on youtube

GBCAwesome says:

I will never make a iPad a laptop replacement until Mac OS comes to iPad Pro (the device would need 8GB of RAM and a x86 processor)

Creative playing says:

I got a surface pro ad before this

Randybailey Bailey says:

why are you dumping garbage on a child?

Harsha Vardhan says:

Which photo editing app is he using?

cyka says:

people with gaming pc and 144hz monitor will appreciate how big of a difference the screen is from 60hz to 120hz

paul murphy says:

I love your videos. Totally trust you for your reviews. What is the photo app you keep showing on your iPad 10.5 video??

Real Talk says:

Watching this on my iPad Pro 10.5

EddTheBob TheRulerOfTheWorldTheUniverse says:

120 hz fricking amazing and don’t you dare say it’s bad. It’s expensive, and it’s freaking amazing. Pretty much the most powerful non laptop device, with 120 HZ. ON A MOBILE DEVICE?

Luke Williams says:

You can use the camera for helping with Augmented Reality.

Mohammad Neman Nourzai says:

hi. Do you have a review of iPad 9.7 2017? I really want to see it. Please make a review of that, if you didnt. thanks.

Information and Life TV says:

Nice detail by detail review

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