iPhone 11 Price Leaks! 2018 iPhone XI Latest Rumors | Poris Radio - VIDEO

iPhone 11 Price Leaks! 2018 iPhone XI Latest Rumors

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The 2018 iPhone XI (iPhone 11) Will Be Cheaper! New iPhone 11 & 11 Plus Leaks & Rumors. IP68 Water Resistance, New Colors & More!

iPhone SE 2 Leaks: https://youtu.be/Cbg4KEVg_bM
Last iPhone 11 Leaks: https://youtu.be/NClxhreUgAk

Martin Hajeks Concept: https://goo.gl/frJGfZ


Munsoor Chaudhry says:

There’s one thing I don’t understand; why does everyone need to go crazy in anticipation of a new device with hype after hype, some of which is accurate and others which are plain bollocks. We can see how good a ‘new’ device is when it comes out. None of them are really ‘new’ anyway; they are very slight improvements on existing or even 4 year old devices and sold as though they are revolutionary! Just stay calm fools.

universal love says:

The iPhone 10 was a miss for me the notch then the size was smaller than a plus it was just trash . A 11 plus is worth an upgrade I’m just worried about the home button I’m so used to mine

Ramin Rahnema says:

did you buy the house with the money you make from these videos

Jhon Ace B Corial says:

Your addicted in Apple so that means your Locked in the ECOSYSTEM….

Helena Wolfe says:

wait so the smaller one won’t have the vertical camera?

Cunt Muppet says:

First no windows 9 now no iPhone 9

Lala Larson says:

Women want rose gold or at least the gold color ! We want feminine colors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Munawar Khan says:

This is only hype

The Real Nerdy Cookie says:

I just got the iPhone 8 Plus… oh well looks like I’m going to save up 😑😑😑

[GD] Bjoslin says:

Its not pronounce wah way its pronounced hwa way


Just came from hawaii

Heberto Moreira says:

what charger are you using at 0:42 for the MacBook Pro I've always liked black chargers they look nicer

Superior Gamer says:

This is just like windows, Microsoft made windows 8 then skipped windows 9 for windows 10

Nico Koller says:

Photography rather down technical interest text.

British Bitcoin Investor 2018 Harvard Graduate says:

i dont understand how everyone complains about the iphone x price but i see more people with the X then a normal phone

British Bitcoin Investor 2018 Harvard Graduate says:

not longer then my DICK

Simmer Abby says:

I’m excited for the iPhone 11 or whatever it’ll be called. I passed up on the 10 since it was a first generation of its kind but if the iPhone 11 has the same style I’m actually excited. I hope the camera will be EVEN BETTER! Especially portrait mode since I use it for photography.

Basadict says:

Concept of foldable phones seems stupid. If for anything, with the software advancements we’re experiencing, viewing experience should not be limited to a phone screen. It’d be more fitting that phones have a projector like capability by 2020, thereby offering somewhat of a holographic experience. The hand-held slab concept of phone is already intuitive, but to make it foldable for supposed better experience is not making any sense. Folding concept is better applicable in wearables. But for the foreseeable future, people are ok with the concept of phones, holding it in your hands. Until integration between phone and vr is comfortable enough would it be finally ok to let go of phones. Just saying.

Zara says:

Wait I thought that apple said iphone 10 was the last iphone probably a rumor too

sergio baltazar says:

we all know you made this video to show us your house..

Newtrality says:

What is the $699-$799 phone in 5:35?

Isaiah Garza says:

Conspiracy Thoery…EverythingApplePro works for Apple :O?

Da dude No one says:

Why the fuck you lyin why you always lyin

TechGuy45 says:

Guys my comment was a joke, Ik there isn't an IPhone 9

P Ray says:

TouchID ;_;

Darian Fuentes says:

U should do a house tour😂

Bamon Mandal says:

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