iPhone 7 vs Original iPhone 2G! 9 Year Comparison | Poris Radio - VIDEO

iPhone 7 vs Original iPhone 2G! 9 Year Comparison

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iPhone 7 vs First iPhone Ever Retro Review! Original iPhone 2G, 9 Years Later Comparison. 2007 – 2016.


Quade Carter says:

So glad I decided to get the matte black 7 plus over the jet black. Look at all those scratches

LilGucciG says:

atleast the first one got headphone jack

Nerf Guy Awesome says:

I dare you to use the iPhone 4 for a week plz

Anh Phạm says:

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Kate Marsh says:

I loved my 2G. I really wish i still had it today but somehow it was lost when we moved. I used it until i could no longer use it due to half the screen having dead pixels

william Ribeiro says:

the original iphone didn't had a camera. the one on the video isn't the first one

RiderSuCkSaLoT says:

The old one looks like an iPod touch omg

Micah Shauffer says:

2:46 his thumb is so bent

The Ultimate Gamer says:

I have a old iPod with that shiny back…Anyway is it worth anything

Johannes E. says:

I still have the first iPod touch. And you can still use it for some functions :)

Rigoberto Celaya says:

Este video es una copia del video de neshudo

KeKc ChaNNel says:

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Tazalana Woulms says:


StripedDash says:

The fuckin 2g Could Run Dead Space witch is 3d graphics, and by the way it looks op….

Shroom Tube says:

Asphalt 8, good game!

Deadly Rottweiler says:

i have a iphone 4s and its 2016 its still a good phone to me

Andy Zhang says:

The deign looks very similar man. Which shows Tim Cook did not do a great job on deigning even it looks good

NorthShore Ireland says:

Plastic is also recyclable?

Tech Gadgetz says:

Challenge accepted! I`m using the iPhone 2G for 5 days already and this comment is from it!

Addison Blaine says:

That wasn't even an iPhone 7

Rockstar 1950 says:

where did you get that iPhone 2G? I want to know so I can show it off and say look at this! I have the most rarest iPhone on us and all of you guys have iPhones 6's!

Bunny hops says:

my friends mom still has the iphone 2g and id on't mean she has it to collect she uses it as a everyday phone

CaptainZubZubs says:

Nexus bitches, also pixle

CaptainZubZubs says:

fuck this apple shit

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