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iPhone 8 Stunning New Features Leak!

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NEW iPhone 8 & 7S Rumors & Leaks! Huge L Battery, $1000 Price Tag, White Ceramic Color & More Rumors With Sources!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: https://youtu.be/RvtbJsHhIhQ
Previous iPhone 8 Rumors: https://youtu.be/GWrsst3o718


Fernando Mik says:

the mute button is so annoying to me tbh

Fernando Mik says:

broke niggahs gonna say that the phone is wack ?

casper. do it all says:

and I could see apple not putting a charging cable in the Box I could see them charging you extra for it apple is all about the money that's why they give a small upgrades every year make you pay for everything they lock down their operating system and purposely make ports on their laptop that forces you to buy adapters from them I mean they made a book that was nothing but pictures and charged a crazy amount of money for it which I guarantee it didn't cost them no more than $10 to produce even if they sold that book at $50 they would be making a hell of a profit

casper. do it all says:

I don't think they're going to come out with the iPhone 8 this year they're not going to make a iPhone 7S and 7s + and release the 8 only upgrade we're going to get is a organic display a little bit faster processor and one more gig of RAM and some sort of gimmick inside the phone that they will still from Android and call it revolutionary and they'll claim they're the first ones to do it

casper. do it all says:

I don't know why everybody thinks Apple's next smartphone is going to be the iPhone 8 you know damn well they are going to make a iPhone 7S they're not going to skip out on the 7s that's how they make their money they will upgrade their existing phone just a little bit and everybody that has a iPhone will go crazy and get the next iPhone that does the exact same thing your previous one did besides some dumb gimmicks no one will use that's why I love Android and my Samsung phones I couldn't ever have a Apple device I had the iPhone 6s Plus and I never put my SIM card in it I stayed with my Galaxy Note 5

dekatch says:

so basically its getting worse. cant even charge it anymore with a cable. now you need wireless charging stuff all time every time. apple is the worst scientology sect like company ive ever seen.

the new iphone is the best iphone we have ever made

yea fuck you to scientology sect bitches.

dave amer says:

note 8 > than anything on the market and much cheaper. You also get a headphone jack, water resistance, sd card, spen, wireless charging, 4k screen, 6 to 8 gig ram, iris scanner…yeah ill gladly pass on iphone.

Hugo Santos says:

Dude these are the same rumours every year…. blah blah blah.

Genfo says:

I know a 13 year old who uses an iPhone 3g

Reese Kim-Dailey says:

what I want: water proof, good camera, MAKE THE DAM PHONE THICKER IF YOU WANT MORE BATTERY LIFE, and bigger screen.

Bradley Larcher says:

Hold up, wireless charging and an OLED (which is AMOLED BTW) display justifies a $1000 plus price tag.

Nyze says:

Switching to android if most of this is true


iphone 8 won't be as good as galaxy s8

iTech says:

Later this year: Its the exact same thing BUT… slightly faster

dekallium says:

WTF! No one is going to pay ~$1000 for a phone. And what are they thinking with the FUCKIN screen buttons?
And yeah, how are you going to hard reset. Not only that but physical buttons are more durable anyways (not to mention easier to find).
And how will air charging interfere with people who have electrical implants (pacemaker, hearing aid, etc…)
It seems that phones are getting weaker and more bullshit as it goes on the more they try to make them more "spectacular".

Cope The Gamer says:

if apple does not change its look or do something noticeable from all the past iphones their sales will go down

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