IRON MEN (COMEDY SKIT) – Latest 2018 Nigerian Comedy| Comedy Skits | Poris Radio - VIDEO

IRON MEN (COMEDY SKIT) – Latest 2018 Nigerian Comedy| Comedy Skits

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This very FUNNY comedy video will get laughing really hard.

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Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy
Latest Nigerian Comedy

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Funanani Tshivhase says:

if u are gonna use this background laughter for all yo videos,can i please unsubscribe??

Haja B says:


Haja B says:

I know right



Maxwell Alex says:

Funny video

Gift Osueke says:

Way too long

tony levi says:

this is bullshit, not funny at all, i just wasted my data watching this piece of trash

Dangote cement says:

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Emeka okuzu says:

This video is just boring and rediculous is wasted my time wtf

vikaho hangsing says:

Not funny at all..comedy is not for you guys…

Ternedo says:

I’m confused

Imliakum Longchari says:

Rip English

harrison usifoh says:

till the end of the comedy video i did find anything funny.

Sergë Kompany Mundèl says:

What is waka?

Scott Temi says:

What a complete waste of time. 🤔

Smart koncepts says:

1. Like this comment
2. Sub me
3 Reply saying 'done'
4 And I will subscribe to your channel right back away its a promise

AA soccer reaction says:

Biches we carry 45s in my school

Oriakhi Socrates says:

Useless video

victor chiedu says:

not funny at all

Sharon Adenuga says:


Faith Emmanuel says:

The background laugh is so annoying. Mtcheew

Sumo Freeman says:


Rayo Tanzim says:

It ain't even funny😢

Isäbellä says:

Light skin dude is fucking hot as heaven@-@

Chukwuma Izukanne says:

comedy is not for everyone

maryann allicock says:

English is too poor. Hardly understood what they were saying.


Lols…you Guys funny

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