Jennifer Lopez Has “So Much Love” for Drake | E! Live from the Red Carpet | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Jennifer Lopez Has “So Much Love” for Drake | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The “Shades of Blue” star is definitely rooting for her rumored BF at the 2017 Grammys. J.Lo gives the scoop to E!’s Ryan Seacrest.

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Jennifer Lopez Has “So Much Love” for Drake | E! Live from the Red Carpet


joe pesci says:

Jennifer Lopez>>> SUPER SLUT on Stage at the Red Carpet…

Lilly Pan says:

She still keeps going does this woman ever rest

Ribea Watson says:

danm Drake must put on jlo rihanna ass lol

The Mastermind says:

Big ass W for Drake

Alexander Daniels Escobar says:


4 Fake says:

Yup he hit it. Fuck Drake man

bella says:

Who Is Watching your Babies Granny Jlo??? u Are Old News, Old School Vagina, Go Sit Down, The Opening Of The Vaging Can Be Stitched But Once That D–K gets Pass That Stitch?? The Elastic Band Stretch Wide Is Still There,.. Go Watch your Kids you Thirsty Ho!

Black Goddess says:

She looks beautiful ???

Nico Luengo says:

It's crazy how young she looks and how perfect her skin is, and you can tell there's no botox or fillers there. Her face moves and she has lines on her forehead. I'm not hating on getting botox or fillers, but it is an accomplishment to be a healthy happy active person and lookin like that at 47.

Ayka Knowles says:

JLO Looks so Young so Beautiful. Super Gorgeous Woman.

K Deloris says:

Jennifer that dress is not good very brides maid. I am shocked she picked this dress. I love you jenn but say no to this dress.

mariyah A says:

ooohch it hurts when you feeling yourself as the man and your crush still calling you a boy??


i feel so bad about her, what she running for some kid nigga

Juliana Fenty says:


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