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Joe Rogan on How Social Media Is Damaging Humans

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Joe Rogan talks to Sebastian Junger about how smartphones and social media are having a negative effect on humanity on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1034. Full podcast – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iurXFfNriyg

Joe Rogan and Sebastian Junger talk about smartphones and social media and the pros and cons of this technology for humanity as a whole. Sebastian Junger tells Joe Rogan that he doesn’t have an iphone or android because he thinks smartphones are damaging to humans and cause anxiety and depression. Junger refers to it as anti-social media and while Rogan sees more benefit in this technology, he does agree with Junger that it could be having a negative effect on our mental health. Joe Rogan talks about smartphones, social media, facebook, twitter, iphones, technology, human social behavior and other topics with Sebastian Junger on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE 1034.

Joe Rogan on How Social Media Is Damaging Humans – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-ZieLlKXYs


choncy barbosa says:

Social media is just the markets response to a self obsessed generation that is demanding to be heard. This generation was told that what they had to say is important, until they got into the real world and they found out that nobody gives s shit. These people flock to social media because even if no one is actually listening they know their 700 Facebook friends are at least seeing it. It's so vapid, yet no one demands more.

Alan Perez says:

Streets are quiet now a days

HIV Piss, Inc. says:

i still cant get over the fact that people started using THEIR REAL NAMES on the internet (on fb)… go back to early 2000's and hardly anyone did that.. we all had goofy nicknames on our private icq accounts..

Ronaldo b says:

I deleted my Facebook 5 years ago. Never looked back.

ajlogan1998 says:

Great topic. I was just having this conversation yesterday.

Gay Rambo says:

I keep thinking about Miller's speech in Repo Man about driving (The more you drive, the less intelligent you are). The same thing can be said about smartphone usage. It scares me, so I'm cutting back.

Fill Entropy says:

this guy is completely out of touch with reality.

Edward Hayes says:

Love Holds us Together !

Steve Williams says:

Cell phones and social media are for distraction of the ppl. To keep them oblivious to the real harm going on in this world. Greed and Corruption

Sicarius Angelus says:

I can attest to this, not personally but a good friend of mine suddenly went off the radar for the good portion of a year. i know him well so it didn't freak me out or get me too worried about him. I just left him to his own devices. If he wanted me, he'd come to me, so he obviously wanted space. Months later when he popped back up, he was as good as new. He got his diabetes in order, his diet, his work life, his financial situation etc. He explained he'd been depressed while he'd been gone, and the main thing he did to get himself better emtally was getting off facebook, twitter, instagram. Hell he only just recently downloaded whatsapp again just so he can talk to his friends. And thats as far as he'll go. I've heard so many similar stories. Social media is just fucking overkill for our brains. I only have facebook myself, but i'd be a liar if i said after scrolling through my timeline i felt some sort of fulfilment. More often than not i see something that impacts me negatively. Big or small, it's still negative.

Tim Riley says:

I live w/o social media but I still like the fact we can google anything at any time.

Foton Icon says:

I would also bring up the Observer Effect, of having your data accessible and your privacy violable at any time by unknown parties. Growing up with that sort of Panoptic Big Brother presence – well, young people today are easily duped, if you give them something shiny I guess. What's privacy, what's freedom, if your belly is full and you have a shiny car, a TV (that watches you too) and no more expectations than a clotheshorse mindlessly regurgitating the original styles of other generations. Never having imagined a world in which they were not being sold lock, stock and tomahawk by a conglomerate of 8 major corporations; or having your unique subculture pre-planned and fed to you by those same corporations. A world in which any public area was not under watchful security cameras and satellite imaging. And you have to ask, does being human mean drumming up problems to sell your solution?

An artist takes a urinal and turns it on its side and calls it art. It is his living expression (but let's give some credit to the unsung industrial designer who actually designed the thing). It becomes mediated and locked down as a static cultural artifact, until you can't say you know history without it. The artist passes, and we are left with the artifacts – no longer living expressions, but now valuated objects, mere symbols of their former purposes. They become a parody of their own culture, like a hinterland ethnic minority clad in cheap costumes of their traditional dress for the tourists. Then we become something other than creative beings who validate our artifacts through our shared authentic humanity. We become consuming machines. Zod help us if we ever design a robot that can out-consume us with twice the economic power and half the waste. Zod help us if Google ever starts asking the questions for us.

prallund feucht says:


Jason w says:

I like it when people tell me they can't find my Facebook. I tell them I don't have one but I got unlimited text messaging. Text me when I need to know something cause I really don't give a fuck about everyone's life problems on social media?

michael fletcher says:

Fuck scientific insight

Ryan Dumont says:

Humans aren't that fun or that smart now, get a dog or cat and spend time with them the question should always be… Why would you want to waste your time with other humans?

Dodori says:

I'm using a smartphone to view this

spow4now says:

I'm 28 and have refused to be part of the inner city sheep life eversince I was 16!! And for that reason I became a bit of a rebel and reject with very little friends. Their weekend consists of going to Weatherspoons and blogging their lives via social media whilst having shit craic about non interesting conversations. Meanwhile….. I go bouldering, work, boxing gym, read books and in general just educate myself and explore the deeper world! No need for me to blog my life and grovel up to other peoples lives.

i'm all for science and technology but this social media BS is having a badass affect on human morals.

Soberanis Fam says:

I blame the declining mental health more-so on capitalism ie income inequality. People are working longer and harder (more productivity) in unfulfilling jobs and earning less each year (due to inflation.) we are just overworked under appreciated replaceable cogs in a machine. That will do a number to your mental health, and self worth.

Brandon Mesey says:

Hey i love joe rogan but i would like when he asks jamie to look video's up for him if he could say please and thank you jamie

Caz Gerald says:

Memories are decreasing because we can just look anything up on the internet. Also the ability to create and remember geographic directions have diminished because of reliance on GPS.

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