JOIN ME IN SOUTH AFRICA!! | One Love Travel Club | Poris Radio - VIDEO

JOIN ME IN SOUTH AFRICA!! | One Love Travel Club

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More Details Here: http://www.onelovetravel.club/south-africa-march-2017
Dates: MARCH 20-28 2017

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It's Sueboo! says:

I'm going there but I'm in January!

HarmonyEss3nce says:

Yes!!! I would LOVE to get some tips on how to do a travel vlog. I travel a lot as well and I am starting to capture my trips on camera for youtube. :-)

Candy Glamcast says:

I'm from SA, I will be there to meet you.

Michelle Wanha says:

Cape Town is GORGEOUS. You'll enjoy it!

Stephanie Lopez says:

this sounds amaziinngg!!! yaass

Natalie Smith says:

Hey Im from Cape town and Im a big fan. I follow you on social media. You gonna have so much fun in the city of Cape Town.

Maya456781 says:

My country ??????????

Kyuna says:

Is it first come, first serve?!

Samanthia Vallery says:

my dream place to go to is Barcelona and Brazil

Maryam Hampton says:

I want to go!!! Girl you be traveling everywhere!

Fatima says:

this sounds so amazing and i love the workshop idea! i wish I could join you, but I'm saving these coins to move next year!

Althea Moos says:

Omg !!! I'm from Cape Town , love ur videos … hope u have a blast and please do try the local cuisine in "bo kaap" i miss it soo much

Travel In 220 country says:

my dream to travel in the Siberian train in the Russia Moscow to Vladivostok

Aliyah Jones says:

Girl, why didn't you come to South Africa when I lived there 🙁 lol you're gonna love it. It's beautiful!

danelle noble says:

Yay my home country. Will be there next year In June

Nay Kazoo says:

damn this looks amazing but I'm already going on a trip maybe next time

OneikaTraveller says:

Yas girl get it! As a fellow Toronto chick who has now travelled to 95 countries I fully advocate leaving home to see the world! It's so important discover new cultures outside of North America. I'm a travel blogger and vlogger and my overseas adventures are lit! For this reason my platform is all about inspiring people of colour to globetrot! I went to South Africa earlier on this year and Cape Town is one of my favourite cities in the world. You'll have an excellent time!

Elisa Marie-Lou says:

I just turned 25 and I really want to travel more!! The lack of money's holding me back though! I'll get there, I'll get there soon!!

Rue T says:

im coming lol but no cliff jumping

paris couture says:

Awesome! SA is on my 2017 list for sure!!!100

Loretta Kumi says:

Tahitii!!! bora bora the dreamm!! :)

Dommie Kamelah says:

ahhh!!! I definitely want to go! my only concern is that i don't know how to swim so when when everyone is going "kloofing" what am i gonna do? lol

sharon mburu says:

What are u mixed with?

WithLEMON says:

My dream place is everywhere ! I don't want to limit myself to one country or contientent. I want to try to explore it all ?

04Kela says:

Are the prices on the site in us dollars or cad?

Juss.Erin says:

i wanna go! definitely gonna try and keep those dates open.

Bish Whah says:

You truly are blessed

La Mauricienne a Cancun says:

You should visit Mauritius since you will be already near Africa!

Moonstone Magic says:

Oh man! You had to put this video up after I booked a girls trip to the Cayman Islands ?

Ella Hope says:

age limit??

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