Kids Try 100 Years of Health Foods | Bon Appetit | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Kids Try 100 Years of Health Foods | Bon Appetit

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A panel of kids try popular health foods of the past century, from Nuttolene in the 1920s to zoodles and chia pudding of today.

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Kids Try 100 Years of Health Foods | Bon Appetit

Starring: Billy, Priscilla, Michael, Kylie, Ollie, Megan, Robert, Dasani, Devin , and Milan


Jennifer Brandon says:

Poor kids are going to have the runs.

Nick P. says:

Just wanted to say FUCK KALE!!! Bye…?

mentosfreshh says:

I remember in the 90s when I found a box of those Snackwells that my mom hid and I ate a couple. I remember thinking they were really dry and sweet, and not very chocolatey. Just not good at all. I couldn't figure out why my mom would hide THOSE

OnceUponAVideo says:

The reactions to the Kale Smoothie were amazing.

Tialisa Chapman says:

those kids are gonna have tummmy aches…

Angela Ziegler says:

That kale smoothie is THICCCCCCCCCCCCC

Liam Harboury says:

100 years of train food +Bon appetite

James Hinh says:

Now I know why chia plant went out of business because health nerds decide to eat it then to grow it

Sttahl says:

Why the fuck is a little girl wearing a choker…

Rebecca Daigle says:

"zoodles" are not zucchini noodles, they are processes canned pasta for children!!!

R HS says:

the boy at 1:28 looks like little Damien Chazelle (sorry if i spelled it wrong)

Mica says:

2016 is the only one that actually tastes good and is healthy for you

Jazi Hughey says:

Don't remember kale being a "thing" till after my oldest was born (2013).

Crank Stabheart says:

Where are the cigarettes? they were once healthy and then Hitler made them unhealthy, damn you Hitler

Bunny Chan says:

Ah, the kale decade…

5lovelygirl5 says:

i actually quite like this.

Ashley Weill says:

70s when crazy crash diets were invented…

Mine a girl says:

Is it sad that I like kale….I'm not vegan I just tried it once when I was at a farm who was growing it

NoJusticeNoPeace says:

You need to make these kids eat carob. As a child of the 70s, I resent that I had carob inflicted on me and need to pass on the misery to the next generations. If I had to eat carob, so do they.

Natalie Dominguez says:

I love this series so much ?

Kaitlyn says:

"I have a messeges to y'all that made this" ………
"Why did u make this?"

Bcell01 says:

if you vomit blood, dial 911!

cheetah lover0701 says:

784th person to watch

Selma Osei says:

Cod liver oil. Oh my god. It was so awful.

LT3me VLOGS & MORE says:

I have a great topic for you guys 100 years of smothies

LT3me VLOGS & MORE says:

Yes bitch si love this

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