Kim Kardashian West Shares Her Beauty Tips! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Kim Kardashian West Shares Her Beauty Tips!

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When we have the Kween of Glam, you know we gotta ask her about beauty tips!


kyla P says:

I guess we are taking beauty tips from plastic?

Natasha Frank says:

No one is talking bout Kim bring Adrienne’s ex sis in law cs her n rob was dating lmfao let me not

Buba Rizik says:

Jeannieis such a groupie.

Stefanie Lauchman says:

How do you get claustrophobic from long nails? Looool

Bren cato says:

Notice how Kim cant tallk about anything else but her! She just hasnt had that hability , this woman is ridiculous.

Lovely 1E says:

Just keeping it real…no shade to Kim but the women on the Real have very beautiful skin. I especially love Jeannie’s and it would be so cool if she did a segment on her beauty secrets. She’s always saying “Asian no raisin” lol & I’m interested! Love you ladies ?

estelle whyte says:

Isnt her hair a wig?

Jordyn H says:

how is someone claustrophobic over nails????????

Mar Jade says:

She said she gets claustrophobic with long nails lmao wtf

Sura Amenra says:

One thing I like the most about Kim is that everyone says how nice and kind she is.

Rian Searcy says:

Maybe she meant CLAWstrophobic ?! Like she tried to be punny?! Idk I’m really trying to help this girl out man smh

Ève Tamara Alexandre says:

She wearing a wig that’s why her hair isn’t damaged

Sam iam says:

That's a full lace wig tho!

Asha Osman says:

black women have been soaking their hair in coconut/olive oil, for the longest. Nothing new.

crochet love says:

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kklilly06 says:

Kim is so beautiful

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