Kym Douglas’ Fall Beauty Tips | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Kym Douglas’ Fall Beauty Tips

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Ellen’s favorite beauty expert will have you “fall”ing for her new seasonal tips and tricks!


GYGK Urra says:

There is a video by eat your kimchi (Simon and Martina) for the mouth lip thing its hilarious. Go find it… go… why are you still reading this… go…

Hannah Pan says:

Kym was born in the same state as me

jordan Whitaker says:

lol blue ball get it they blue and balls lol yeah no ok

Halsey “B” Robert says:

Kym Douglas is my spirit animal

Violeta says:

I love this Ellen. Your a joy to watch

Melissa lundgren says:

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!

Olive Oil says:

ellen doesn't believe any of this BS! good for her! I'm allergic to hay

ari ramsi says:

i having a hard time to believe the product that she have representing

Shahbano Malik says:

I don't think there's anyone who hates Andy

Naif Alaiban says:

I feel like they got everything that Ellen doesn't need that is sexual

Lisa Vanzant says:

LOL! Ellen's face when she turns around with those lips! #dead!

Navya Sreya says:

I love u ellen

Navya Sreya says:

I love u ellen

Sonia Cornacchia says:

I'm Italian…we do NOT take hay baths!!

pearl mcconnell says:

it's so hard to take her seriously in those lips haha?

Alexandra Rose says:

I never clicked one vid so fast

Krissy B says:

kymmmmm ahhh ????

Bobbie Ellcey says:

ok so if hay opens up your pores so someone please tell me why it makes horses gain weight when they are to skinny and why hay is one of the main grains feed to horses

Fashion Perk says:

These are products the crazy moms with Abby on Dance Moms would buy into.

DDean Aguirre says:

Kym is hilarious as well as Ellen…..

Indiana Melo says:

kym used to b3 funny but now she just focus on being ridiculous.

Stephanie Lee says:

I wish there could be a Kym Douglas segment once a week. Love seeing what kind of tips she's gonna give and just to see Ellen's reaction.

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