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LGR – Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review

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Commentary and gameplay on the Windows PC game Sid Meier’s Civ 6! Is it an improvement over its predecessors? As a long-time fan of the series, I was psyched to find out.

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NATE6661000 says:

review empire earth

Christopher Carpena says:

Epic shirt dude!!

Brian Gervais says:

my problem is the pace of the game is so slow, and i hate the tiny tech tree. basically the same problems i had with civ 5. The urban sprawl aspect is great however

crimson90 says:

I've just converted to Nukemism.

Erebos says:

Nukeism, founded in Germany? :D

Pepinus says:

6:28 maybe cuz newrr technology bu ye voird be trjer rjfnfbfb civkfivkffbjfnfnffkflffkf

Kyle Hartle says:

Im still waiting for civ rev II… I loved the first Civ Rev.. I know it was massively dumbed down from the main series but it was just nice to play a strategy game without all the convoluted and obtuse micro managing ect that RRTS/Strategy games need to have now, especially when its not going to be a game that you can 100% your time into.

Kolumbo says:

PLEASE, LGR, do the Heroes of Might & Magic series. Esp. Heroes 3
(the Might & Magic series would be neat too)

Darkside says:

awesome game i love this series

JM Fatycake says:

hahaha lol i was introduced into the series by uncle as well

Jack says:

I'm building a new computer and I just got this for free with a part I purchased, haha. Didn't even realize until after purchase :p

It looks like fun, though I've only played a bit of civ 5 before this.

Shalako 1234 says:

Or get 5 complete and wait for 6 complete. I keep hearing all these reviews comparing it to 5s launch but not how 5 complete is now arguably better. If it had the narrators from 5 or 4 i'd probably have already got it anyway.

JustinAkaDeadstuff says:

this game is an abomination !!

oathblade says:

So polotics are back to Alpha Centauri – good to know they started lookign to the past..sort of. The city building sounds horrid.

Manas says:

I'm glad your review is completely on par with my sentiment for this game. Great review as always!

Ryan Clark says:

I've heard you mention and given some brief stories several times about how your uncle got you into games. I'd love to see you do a video about how your interest in games developed over time. Maybe a "How I got into games" video. My grandparents got me into games when I used to go over there and play their NES. I love hearing how other people got into games by mistake, a family member, friends, etc. and how their interest and habits changed over time with each new platform.

doogle891 says:

How about some gameplay videos?

OnyxDeity says:

I was googling "Drowned God" the other day, looking for Game of Thrones stuff and not at expecting competing results. I saw that it was a game, read through the wikipedia entry, and thought, "Aha! I have learned a truly obscure piece of gaming history."

Now I watch this video and see it sitting there, right on your shelf. Probably a run of the mill coincidence but it feels very surreal.

MegaManNeo says:

Wish there were good beginner's guide to CiV cuz' I like the concept but I totally suck at strategy games other than AoE2 perhaps.

John Higgins says:

I don't like the cards system.

Mihir Patel says:

I would enjoy some quicky on XCom 2 by you. hmmmmm….?

GL vs Gal Samuel says:

Hey LGR, do you play Starcraft? if so – is there any way you will talk/review it?

Bad Texture says:

I am incredibly disappointed by the fact that you didn't refer to these quick episodes as a Boot Disk. Missed opportunities galore, I'm afraid.

Harry Harshimoto says:

I strongly dislike Civ 4, 5, and 6. They are NOT faithful to the original series at all. I especially dislike the horrible, simplistic maps and awful combat.

Civilization 1,2,3 were far better, imo.

Rand Thor says:

I just found your channel. Very good, appreciate the thought put into the reviews, and especially the lack of swear words. Subscribed!

scifirocks says:

Wonder if Gandhi is freakishly aggressive?

Some says:

4:25 Irish af

Jonny B says:

Definitely skipping this until the expansions, DLC and updates are out. So tired of devs releasing games that restart back to prequels vanilla state and selling it to you all again.

Abraxis86 says:

LGR, you should review Caeser and/or Pharaoh.

Also on that note, I'm surprised that with all the reboots we've been seeing lately no one has pick up on and tried to remake these great games, with the license or not.

Ricky Keim says:

how is the combat in this game? is it still stack a bunch of units and attack things like it was in 5?

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