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life hacks, useful tips and tricks around the home.

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I gathered some useful tips&tricks and life hacks I found so helpful and really made my life easier and shared them all with you , more tips to come!!!


ColinDaPogi Boi says:

Wow did you make this tips. Its not only easy to and easy to buy. But also helps the enviroment.

Butterfly Queen says:

great tips!

Sveedle says:

I don't think your kitchen is old and ugly. The wood paneling is great. I suppose maybe new cabinet doors or paint them. :)

joseph :/ says:

why did you use the premade sucky ninja tuna song???

Maria Teresa Goddard says:

Your kitchen is Beautiful! Don't feel bad about it! I love the wood rustic style:))

Acidrain 206 says:

Omg I almost couldn't watch this!! You MUST press Mute, this is by far the worst song music if U like to call it that I have never heard anything more annoying than this I will take my wife bitching any day of the week over this shit OMG unbelievable still can't believe dumb ass would put this in the video I will have nightmares of this satanic song OMG

sushma ahuja says:

garlic ko easily peel karne wali trick to kaam hi nahi karti.

sophia ho says:

Nice tips. I like the bread tag tip the most! Thanks you

aneeta thuthija says:

Thanks for the house tips.

Sa AF says:

Before I came across all such life hack videos I never knew my idea of colouring keys could be a hack too.. ?

Terri S says:

Thank you, could do without the music

jlnajera says:

Video way too long, and don't make me feel bad about using paper towels when you shop
at the Dollar Store, that stuff is cheap for a reason.

Ange Malini says:

Your kitchen is cool !

Rich T says:

Using the bread tabs to mark the different cords…why wouldn't you just leave the cords plugged in?

Ravi Singh says:


Rutger Hoving says:

buying stuff at the dollarstore isn't hacking life…….

wondermom07 says:

Great ideas….especially about the appliance cords.

Winnie Spencer says:

Great tips!

Valerie Edge says:

Very good tips, just when I thought I knew it all, thanks hope to see more. 

Angela Westcliff says:

Some good tips thanks

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