Lost 2 Bloody TOP TEETH! HobbyFrog Lost Two First Upper Baby Teeth HobbyFamily Vlog | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Lost 2 Bloody TOP TEETH! HobbyFrog Lost Two First Upper Baby Teeth HobbyFamily Vlog

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Poor HobbyFrog got scared! Lost his first AND second top teeth. How do they come out? Watch as he braves it out. Click here to SUBSCRIBE for new family fun vlog videos every day: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=HobbyKidsVids

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Genean Garrett says:

poor hobbt frog hope he's okay!

Nader Gabra says:

to lose your tooth step1 get something that is hard to open step2 put your mouth in it last step open it with your mouth

The game Gamer says:

I punch yourself

kamran biglari says:

well done for being brave

George Walmsley II says:

eat corn on the cob

Kevin Kauffman Jr says:

why did you cry hobby frog hobby pig did not

nerida gonzalez says:

0:34 hahahahahahah

nerida gonzalez says:

I feel bad for hobby frog

John Gray says:

Thumbs up for hobby frog 🐸 for being so brave

Abigail Ferolla says:

I lost a tooth

Aliyah's Funny Vlogs! says:

I lost a my other tooth on the top when I ate mc donalds pancakes I lost my other top tooth in math class because I was trying to touch the side and it popped out and those two top teeth for mine did not hurt and bleed

gamepro 23 says:

I feel so bad for hobbyfrog😢

TheGreatCharmander Brothers says:

I pulled my 2 top teeth out and pulled one on the bottom

Alicia Kautz says:

Eating something is the scariest and if you pull it out it doesn't hurt it means but it doesn't hurt you as much as slamming the door

Destiny Lopez says:

lt s actually scarce

Nelly Alpaz says:


michael villena says:

I have a story am in school my tooth is almost coming out so i pulled it and got out i dint cry and second my girl classmate said pull it hard i said no then i did what he said i was so happy i said it to my teacher i took it out

Lucas Mader says:

Awwwwww poor hobby frog and I hope he gets better 🙁

sylvain mahoux says:

il ne faut pas arracher une dent can on à la dent qui bouge

sylvain mahoux says:

il ne faut pas arracher une dent can on à la dent qui bouge

nicole Peters says:

Awwwwwww poor hobby frog. Sorry buddy but at least you got your tooth out

Chay TheDiamondKing says:

I pulled it out my self

Jamie Fusco says:

I blood my teeth out

Daniel Cañete says:

Mine is scary mine is by using floss

Kelin Aguilera says:

Trash hahahahhahahahahahha

Jamie Fusco says:

I lost 6 teeth

Elizabeth Buckley says:


Manaia Davis says:

thumbs up for 🙌🙌🙌🙌🆕🙌

Pui Sin Yew says:

he is very brave

Leah Leah says:

i fill so bad for hobbyfrog my dad just pulled it out

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