Merry Christmas Movies 2016 – New Comedy Movies 2017 | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Merry Christmas Movies 2016 – New Comedy Movies 2017

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Merry Christmas Movies 2016 – New Comedy Movies 2017


Juliet Nakaayi says:

today is your day for salvation, the true salvatuon is through jesus christ, the son of the living God, if you believe in him only you will be saved

kettelie cornelly says:

Mary did you know is my favorite song I love it that you had some boy his voice is beautiful so beautiful that's like mine was right there

Wilky Louis Jean says:

Great movie, i'm such a fan Larry the cable guy

Taurin Benta says:

good job???

Taurin Benta says:

good job???

jayden McCord says:

i love the beginning of the movie when madea gits the job of greeting people. I like what she said to that lady.

Neisha Tate says:

Conners mom looks like the fat lady that sang in sister act 1

David is Macon GA Davis says:

Kelly Davis in Macon GA✨?⭐?

CeeCee Williams says:

That's Lisa Whelchel, Blair from the facts of life. Where did he get her from

Essence Law says:

i LOVE madea

Ameerion Forrest says:

I love! Madea

khalila handy says:

I love you madea

Kadra Jama says:

I. Hate. Ink. Young

Daniel Tchamie says:

je ne comprend pas l'anglais je voudrais que vous m'envoyez la version française des films merci pour votre compréhension

Amram Calep says:

that was very funny to me ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

InkYoung says:

Cant believe the "aint nobody got time for dat" lady & the "youre dumb ur really dumb frls" guy made it in the end of the movie, its great movie by the way

Helena Lusanga says:

This is so great.. Nice Movie

hassan Ibrahim says:

it is n0t fany at all

Mirza Allgood says:

This is one of my favorite movies on Christmas

Pretty daily says:

mary…j blige 😀 😀 her stories r the best!!

Reginald Green says:

im looking 4 "medeas boo"

Chris Charmers says:

her show's are funny???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Beth Bartlett says:

Tyler Perry is such a Creative and Productive Genius. I adore him and applaud his "cool goodness"!

Madea rocks – every movie!

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