Minecraft: Starter House Tutorial – How to Build a House in Minecraft / Easy / | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Minecraft: Starter House Tutorial – How to Build a House in Minecraft / Easy /

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➜Minecraft: How to Make a starter House – Tutorial
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If you are looking for an awesome and super simple, easy to make house full tutorial, this video is for you! for pocket edition ( mc pe ) xbox xbox360 , ps , ps3 , ps4 , pc .For me this is the best looking house with the most simple design!
Have fun with the pc world map download!
If you like that kind of creation / creations in minecraft,
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Hanz Niño V. Benaloga says:

I subscribed 😃😃😃

Khess Hess says:

yo fam I built this on Survival it took me 2 weeks

Teegster23 says:

Thank god for pause because you were going fast!

Jasmine Tripplett says:

that creeper like go on some where lil ugly chicken beef sandwich,,,,,And LOL

Leyton O'Meara says:

Did anyone see his shadow vibrating?!

ZaMaGirl YT says:

Idk why, but your voice is very pretty

Jonathan 4643 says:

I spent 3 hours building this in my survival world and it was worth it

Lps Cat Lover says:

I 💖 Minecraft

Lps Cat Lover says:

You Build Cool Houses 😱😃

sev smith says:

your counting is wrong bc you have 20 blocks on one side even tho you said 19, we tried to follow your instructions and it looked like junk.

Alisa Herrera says:

how is this a starter house😂😂 I looks more like a mansion to me… btw great video

Audrey Adams says:

at 5:55 I started singing "MINE LOOKS LIKE A TABLE"

Oliver Larsen says:

please learn to pronounce birch correctly!!!!!!!! it is not birsh it is birch. ch not sh.

Lucas Steketee says:

ik ga hem ook bouwen

zWolfPvP says:

thank you!!

BabyTheFun- TimeFox says:

Birsh. wood

Hunter Chvarak says:

When I was watching this my mom asked me if I was talking to a special needs kid

Moonwalker powa says:

Are you hungarian?

Ella Soler says:

tnx i made a copy of that in pocket edition

Jebadiah Thames says:


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