Minecraft vs Real Life: How to Go Fishing! (Minecraft Animation) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Minecraft vs Real Life: How to Go Fishing! (Minecraft Animation)

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Minecraft vs Real Life is a minecraft animation series where we take real life logic and insert it into minecraft. Watch as this Grandpa struggles to grasp the concept of minecraft fishing logic!
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● Grand Daughter Voice Actor: https://www.youtube.com/user/EileMontyVA
● Grandfather Voice Actor: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShadyVoxYT

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Minecraft vs Real Life! (Minecraft Animation)


TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft says:

Thanks for watching!! This was a minecraft logic vs real life logic. Man this grandpa might of been right using that bait…I'm gonna go try that now

misty pickles says:

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My le says:

where is real life ?

Magister Lex says:

The little girl is so cute!

Chaxor sam says:

this video is the one of the coolest animation minecraft video ever

Bailanie Daud says:

Real is so bad

Josiah Vatubua says:

Lily sounds like traser from overwatch

Gwyneth Katharina Kuntor says:

wait were is the real life

David Prior says:

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que legal o video

adi playz says:

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and u very good in animation u the best

kenzhin fai says:

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Olivia Moore says:

https://discord.gg/r2HqhWv follow my discord!

Felicia Oloo says:

why does the cute little whatever has to go under water TOO CUTE TO DIE

Gabriel Sousa says:

1:03 very funny

DJ Brine says:

Plrase subscribe to me yo!

Boo Cat says:

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