Most Savage Moments in Sports History | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Most Savage Moments in Sports History

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M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar

With Them – Young Thug


Corgi Pug says:

Did you have to choose one of the most profane songs you could find

Sportsman Review says:

sports is not for quarlling, its an healthy activity. players should avoid quarlling each other AS THEIR FAN HURTED by this type of activity.

Sallibotz says:

My god that music sucks!!

Gem Ruisch says:

impose indian emphasize address complicated edition than long.

Granville Scott says:

Worst song in history

Washcoon says:

Most Savage Moments in AMERICAN Sports History

Stella Roy says:

Crap counterpart I love the result vislentpy measurement

JTLegoFilmS says:

Blue jays savage

Patrick Bateman says:

Click bait crap! The first one was a fight the rest just ordinary boring random crap. Where u from that u call this "savage" !? I stopped the video after a couple of pussy boring moments. ….

TheMightybasstone says:

Git rid of that shit ass song

Bill Friedman says:

The best part is when I turned off the sound and cut out that crappy background noise.

danielacti says:

I guess you can say that soccer player was pretty Ruud.

Buck Buck says:

How can a nigger shooting a basket be bad?

william thomas says:

her innovation donor experiment thousand loss secret question.

Tony O. says:

The music says it all. Niggers act like idiots.

Yanis Pons says:

Widespread humanity experiment plastic introduce birth officially advise feature up wander retire

Flappy turtle says:

Why is pippen so damn disrespectful

David Rogers says:

The one when Owens scores He goes to place the football on the Dallas star hell nah you don't wanna piss off Dallas with that

Tony Lopez says:

The dion sanders play! There's so much there, i love it!

Dale says:

Thumbs down for music….and for showing Randy Moss lol

RandomPlayIist says:

These aren't savage moments, the music over it sucks, overall a shit video.

Gaming Videos says:

Nice video…the music tho, disaster haha

Cris Espinoza says:

Dam music covered some of the commentary. Too loud and unnecessary. Thumbs down

Sumner Roberts says:

What song is this

Say What says:

You call that savage, Sports history? 4 sports? lol You lot are so full of shit.

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