Mueller’s Indictment of Russians Unveils Sweeping Pro-Trump Meddling | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Mueller’s Indictment of Russians Unveils Sweeping Pro-Trump Meddling

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Feb.16 — Bloomberg’s Henry Meyer and Kevin Cirilli discuss the indictments of Russian nationals in a widespread and coordinated campaign to meddle in the U.S. presidential election. They speak on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power.”


AlexanderHector says:


Slaying Fascist says:

Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! LMMFAO – So 13 Russians are in trouble for saying mean things about Hillary online?

BruceBlitzHasTits says:

all this makes trump more credible. 8yrs for sure

Mark Worth says:

Mueller's Indictment of Russians ALSO Unveils Sweeping ANTI-CLINTON Meddling

Mark Worth says:

Mueller's Indictment of Russians ALSO Unveils Sweeping Pro-STEIN Meddling

Mark Worth says:

Mueller's Indictment of Russians ALSO Unveils Sweeping Pro-SANDERS Meddling

Berton Warner says:

Obama blatantly interfered with the Israeli election and the Brexit vote — should he be charged and brought to trial?

Dander Spat says:

I will never forget Barack Insane Obama leaning over and talking to the Russian operative
on a hot mic that he (Barack) would be able to have MORE LEVERAGE after his
reelection (to collude) with Russia. Obama then asked that the Russian operative
to get the message to Putin.
Why didn't Bloomberg report this as collusion night and day for over a year like the MSM
Also, why doesn't the MSM remind us night and day about feeding debate questions to Hillary
by CNN and the DNC against Donald Trump during the 2016 Election?
Why don't we hear more about Uranium One and the democrats collusion for information
and money going to the Clinton Foundation?
This is the most corrupt MSM in memory. The corrupt MSM is laughable and why Donald Trump
won the election.
It is entertaining but points the corruption finger at itself.

Narrative Hard Counter says:

Dishonest. These people also did pro Clinton things. It’s in the indictment. Did you fools read it?

Ana Muñoz says:

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote that the russians educated their children based in the work of Ivan Pavlov. It sounds like they weaponized classical conditioning. It just occured to me what if Russia is targeting American youth and helping these shooting occur?

William Payne says:

Little donnies' increasingly sweaty protestations of innocence are getting old, fast. Methinks the man doth protest too much.

Instead of that tired old collusion non-denial denial and diversion … here are some other things he could have said and done:

He could have condemned Putin's assault on US democratic institutions; but he did not. Oh dear oh dear. It looks an awful lot like he does not care about preserving democracy.

He could have set out his strategy for defending the country against this ongoing attack; but he did not. Oh dear again. It also looks like he does not care about defending the country from external threats. So much for the flag waving and the so called nationalism: nothing more than props with no sincerity behind it whatsoever.

So if this snivelling toe-rag doesn't care about democracy, and doesn't care about the USA, what does it care about?

Oh yes, I know: it only cares about itself.

And, it appears, absolutely nothing and absolutely nobody else.

Space Ghost says:

Liberals are an embarrassment. A disgusting wart on the country. Thanks for reporting what we told you 2 years ago fucktards.

Space Ghost says:

You stupid fucks. Stupid stupid little communist sympathizers. Irony.

Tippersnore says:

Listen folks, this from the business world.

Happy Day says:

What bothers me are personal vendettas and the lack of respect not only in the political arena but in general among one another. I think it makes Americans looked down upon by other countries; because we are fractured as a society. We really need to work on the United part. God loves everyone.

Sam says:

Hillary collided with Russians to fabricate dirt on Trump in return for Uranium1, then gay Muslim dictator Obongo used that dirt as an excuse to spy on Trump campaign, unmask Trump campaign officials and leak the fabricated dirt to corrupt Media to damage Trump campaign. When that failed he launched a fraudulent investigation to undermine his Presidency

That my friends is Truth and the full Truth. All dumbocrats need to get off the corrupt media cool aid and come to reality.

Happy Day says:

Plus my dad always said you can never trust any politician. He said to go with your gut. He was a democrat and we never agreed on anything. He wasn't new liberal but old south and union man.

Happy Day says:

I do not believe any silly adds did anything and it is disgusting anyone would think people were so weak minded. All average minded Americans should be offended. I have always voted Republican. It is just who I am and what I believe and no add could ever change it.

GreyWolfLeaderTW says:

The title of the video is dishonest. The indictments also include points out that these Russian nationals also organized and boosted anti-Trump social media campaigns such as "Not My President"
Clearly their goal was sowing domestic conflict, not trying to prop up one politician.

Inquisitive Cameron says:

Lotta triggered people here.. like you're almost actually worried but will never say it.

quietman356 123455 says:

Keep dreaming .

quietman356 123455 says:

Let see ….Muller indicts a group of shadowy Russians who are out of reach of US justice . Yeah ok .

FinePickens says:

the headline is at least misleading, more likely dishonest!

XX YY says:

FUCK white tears

Michael Jazz says:

Ok. Im hearing Russia engaged in ANTI-Trump meddling after the election. So who's lying?

o o says:

All these scandals ..The Florida shooter, Stormy Daniels, the Russians, The stock market crash….It makes it impossible for Trump to concentrate on his golf game…

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