(MUKBANG)+RECIPE| SPICY Korean Watermelon Noodles (EATING SHOW) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

(MUKBANG)+RECIPE| SPICY Korean Watermelon Noodles (EATING SHOW)

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Hey Family,

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DON’T FORGET TO WATCH TILL THE END TO GET THE RECIPE FOR THIS DISH, or just fast forward the video to 27:06 that’s where the recipe starts.
Recipe details:

1) 1/2 of a Watermelon
2) 1/2 of a Cucumber
3) 1/2 cup Cabbage
4) 2 Zucchini
5) 1 Hot pepper
6) 3tbsp White wine vinegar
7) 4 Cloves of garlic
8) 4tbsp Red curry paste
9) 5tbsp Crushed red pepper
10) 3tbsp Cayenne pepper
11) 2tbsp Soy sauce


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Shetina Maxwell says:

Don't change who you are. I was on my way to work one morning and literally was just not feeling it after I watch one of your videos my whole attitude changed. Be you It's enough people out here trying to be someone else and not fulfilling their purpose in life. Enjoy your day likeI know you will ☺

Shareshee Williams says:

Your food looks good add a little less spice so you don't have to be focus on the heat so much keep up the good work ?

Zeynabu - Le'Von says:

I never knew what a Mukbang was until I saw this video.

Passion Peoples says:

kisha you were like crunch crunch crunch girl I love u?

Shannel Johnson says:

Im a new subby and i have a couple of questions, when did you decide to go vegan and how did you ease into it?How do you ease into intermittent fasting, is there a book that you can recommend? Im 200+ and need a lifestyle change. Any advice would be great thank you

tweezee1976 says:

Your doing an awesome job Kisha! I'm a Gemini so I over think and over compensate people.

Bel Amour says:

Your videos are great, Kisha! I can tell you're a kind, and compassionate person keep ignoring those trolls girl!!??

Iris Derrickson says:

I love the pouring of the water!
Guess it's a ASMR thing!?…Mos def gonna try that recipe?.. Thanks for sharing!..Have a blessed week!

Blckgrlmgc says:

ADD bc you are happy, bubbly and not boring and dragging ass… girl please! I'm a bit hyper too people can get over or they can GET OVER IT! Be yourself we're loving it!

Shanima Hammond says:

Awesome video and I'm eating this tomorrow for lunch. Thanks xxxx!!!

MSApril Yang says:

you remind me so much of my co worker. she's black but she loves Asian food just like you! lol.

MsLovingLife says:

degree on May. how do I get over this and dealing with folks don't know when they being rude

MsLovingLife says:

Keisha, I was trying to look at your vlog and bust into a teers. I have been following. your. diet plans soon time. on January 11th 2017
my daughter left for work and someone stabbed her to death on front of our family home. they wouldn't let me her body, my daughter was 24. she was teacher at le.petite and was going to receive her master's dehtee

Candeice Lambert says:

I would love to see you on The Real talking about the benefits of going vegan and your journey…

Candeice Lambert says:

Kisha Plus4- God gives each one of us gifts and yours just may be the gift of Mercy. Mercy is when you feel the pain of others in order to understand and sympathize with them. I am the same way I cry at every thing and want everyone to just feel happiness. During a bible study we went over our gifts and Mercy was one if mine and its identical to just what you have described. I hope that you are welcoming to my comment it's not religious it's God. blessings Sis:)

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