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My Friend’s Amazing Supercar Collection!

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My friend @gercollector has one of the most amazing supercar collections and he invited me down to share it with you! Let’s take a look around the highlights including a McLaren P1, Ferrari F40 and Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss, before jumping into a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster with custom exhaust to go for a ride.

A huge thanks goes to @gercollector for the visit, please give him a follow at: http://instagram.com/gercollector and http://fb.com/gercollector


Music: Dead Man’s Opera by Silencyde is licensed under a Creative Commons License. https://soundcloud.com/silencyde/dead-mans-opera

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 says:

My friend @gercollector has one of the most amazing supercar collections and he invited me down to share it with you! http://instagram.com/gercollector

Strain Hunter says:

this guy seems to be rich af^^

Tahmid Shanto says:

SV and the p1 💙💙💙

Mohammed Alshair says:

F40 for the love of SpongeBob!!

Zeus5893 says:

when you don't know if buy the red lambo or the orange…. just buy both of them

Mylo says:

When you want a P1 GT-R but you already have a p1 and spent all your money on 2 svs, so you wrap an LT to look like one lol

spadgm says:

Great selection of cars, my Favourite is either P1 or F40!

Mike Allen says:

This is like a GTA V garage irl

AaronN says:

And we thought you were bad with buying cars Tim. That is mental!!

uptheduffagain says:

The gearbox in that Lamborghini seems very slow to change gears,guessing it's not a twin clutch

Jared K says:

That editing was superb!! At 2:20 was the best part for new

Jeffrey DELA PAZ says:

not surprised that all the card all full tanked

Moff's Autos says:

Without a doubt, I'd drive out with the 675LT Spider. You get the benefit of open top motoring but with such a proven, awesome car.

Bruce Butterfield says:

Now you have to do Jay Leno's garage 😉

Survival_Life says:

Mine is the p1 but the stirling moss is close

Suderp says:

Shmee come on you need to step up your game!

Ha lol jk not gonna push you, your fine like this

Amdi Wowchesky says:

GTA Online be like

Mysterious guy 2.0 says:

Ferrari stickers on all cars🙊

Gentleman Geoff says:

I wish I had enough money to buy just one of my dream cars… if I had enough money to afford all of these oh

Kaipeternicolas says:

Best garage ever!

Mark B says:

Can't believe they still haven't sorted the rear main seal on the 911. I recognise those tell tale oil stains on the floor 😉

Kristiano Pata says:

10:55 That is better than just a loud exhaust.Amazing.

asparceproton1 says:

Dat Yamaha Warrior doe…

Automotive Mike says:

That SV is LOUD AF!

Maarten Van brakel says:

For what you show your videos are way too long… please make them no more than 10 minutes unless you really have content that extends to that lenght.

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