My Full 2018 Funko Pop Collection | 600+ Pops | Poris Radio - VIDEO

My Full 2018 Funko Pop Collection | 600+ Pops

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I’m honestly surprised how many pops I’ve collected over the years!

Hope you enjoy!

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Im just a kid who like to collect collectables. That sounds funny when you put the words together like that! I think you should stay and watch all of my videos! If you don’t like any of the old ones wait till tomorrow there’s one everyday. Im probably dead, sick, or in a weird country without WIFI if there isn’t a video one day. I can’t believe you read this entire thing. Subscribe!

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RJVR 1030 says:

this guy has no life

Crossget says:

how many bob ross does he got?

Rhys Loxton says:

Just wondering but how can you afford all of these funko pops ?

ninjarida246 says:

your a pretty good youtuber but work on your pronunciation it annoys the hell out of me



Dustin Hilliard says:

I see no tf2 pop

Bookish Pops says:

I make pop videos too!! Your channel inspired me to start making them. I really enjoy you videos, thanks for taking the time to show us each and every one!!

exploding gamer ! says:

Ok you beat me…bye like 589

Lucía says:

Next time clean your shelves :v hahaha 13:27

BongoBam says:

Tops Pops, best pops  in the world, the person you want to see, makes you very glee, it's the person that runs top pops, he is the person you want to see!

BongoBam says:

do you have Cagney Carnation cuphead pop?

Emm Burke says:

How many bob Ross

Andrew Burchard says:

I finally hit 500+ pops

Jose Garcia says:

Woooouuu $13,000.00 dollars o more in your collection . Money money, moneyyy….. its amazing bro. Congratulations.

Bradeyland says:

you should make a video (It would probably be 5 hours long) where you count each one lol XD

Daniel Gomez says:

i have 3 pops the first one is    yellow flash  space batman and the spice squad character thats haves a gun in the front

Loli says:

not many anime funko pop

Sloth Flims says:

Jesus Christ I swear I'll get motion sickness if I watch anymore of this video…

Mia Da Gurl IDK Yeah says:


Kelli Mejia says:

It's not Oswald cobalt it's Oswald cobblepot

luna pie says:

24:05 who's hot the one next to Joker look like Eyeless Jack

Hello It’s Kaylin says:

Do you have any Riverdale one?

shelly fink says:

It Is pelicans

Alana-mae Flynn says:

World record for the amount of times Bob Ross has been said in a YouTube video😂 , wish I had one you're so lucky!

Support Hicham says:

subscriber me plz

TheSoulCollector13 says:

Best Pop: Bob Ross

quidder says:

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Yoani Preciado says:

You have spent over 6,000 dollars in funko pops

george peachey says:

I have superman and Spiderman I love funky pops

Scarso_ _ says:

You have 2 Cookie monster

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