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My Thoughts on Sports

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“Meh” James says.
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master zombie says:

I'm British !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Akbar says:

you've offended BRITANNIA!!!!

Jonathan G says:

Watching people play video games and watching sports aren't the same. Sure, they can be both entertaining, but they aren't the same. Video games is(obviously) not real, and you're not watching a real person in a video game.(You are watching someone play the video game, and it is sometimes fun to see their reaction and responses, but it still isn't the same). You're just watching one or more characters doing something in a simulation. Sports is watching real people play something in real life that that isn't a simulation and is not (usually) fake. Many things can happen in sports, it's not just the same thing over and over again. I'm not saying that watching people play video games is boring and a waste of time, I'm just saying that it's not the same thing as watching people play sports. I'm not hating on him either, his comics are pretty cool. What I'm trying to say is that what he says about watching video games and watching sports is biased, because like he said in the video, he doesn't really watch sports and doesn't like them. If you want to watch someone talk about the comparison of watching sports and watching video games, he's not that person. Btw, I'm not mad or anything, I just want to make a point on his mistake. Can't wait for your next comic!

Joel Shackleton says:

I'm British

Joel Shackleton says:

I'm triggered

Waffle247 says:

I agree with you about sports

Mike Honea says:

Finally someone agrees with me

Emil Stoynov says:

Fuck you

kosisochukwu okoye says:

use subtitles for the part when he speaks in a british accent its so funny

Ethan Hedgecock says:

if you look closily you can see him change from computer to drawings

Art gameing says:

sports are boring to watch but fun to play that's why I'm playing football (not the England way) next year in middle school              p.s YOUR AMASEBALLS

ninjalol xboxer says:

4:32 tracer reference lol ?

Rainbows and Stars says:

That "home run" was a touchdown, and yes I'm a girl (btw I also think they're boring)

SomeoneYouKnow says:

4:02 ?

Ben Shirley says:

Tracer should have helped.

MACOMAN anev#1 says:

you are right

Veronika W. says:

Omg almost the same thing with being hit twice by a ball in a short amount of time while playing soccer happened to me! I was grade three or something and got hit in the face by a ball zwo times but my nose wasnt even bleeding. Today I know that my nose had been broken that day without anyone knowing. It hasnt been completly broken, just a little bit (dunno how to explain that right)…well.

TheMasterApex says:

like qwe they spice it up a little

Quaver Wiv fear says:

im a very British person and i would take offense if it wasn't you

Xgamer #epic says:

trying to cop that 420 jersey tho?

Mike Kopi6544 says:

He's mean to England

Dipper and Mabel says:

Sports suck. I don't see why people enjoy them. Sports suck so muchhh. I'm probably going to fail pe class so bye future

Sea Shine says:

I'm from England and it's not posh.

Wolfy Starrs says:

ikr i quit basket ball last week

Amaruq Gawain says:

1:00 me too ??

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