My Top 22 Travel Life Hacks & Tips! | Jeanine Amapola | Poris Radio - VIDEO

My Top 22 Travel Life Hacks & Tips! | Jeanine Amapola

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HELLO FROM NORWAY! Here are 22 of my best travel life hacks and travel tips! I travel quite often so I thought I would share all my little secrets 🙂 I hope you guys find this helpful!!! See you soon!!
Travel Life Hacks, Organization Tips, Outfits, How To Pack, & Carry On Essentials!- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN3U_6E2DXU&t=306s

Sweater – H&M
Necklace – Freedom Wire Jewelry
Ring- David Yurman
Lipstick- Kylie Cosmetics “Maliboo”

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Maria..k says:

SONT TRUST EXPEADIA!!!!! We booked a hotel for a day to go to builtmore well we get there’s and there’s no room for us and the website said they booked a room but the hotel said they didn’t. Then my dad had to talk to them for over an hour and it took 3 months to get our money back and the hotel said that 6 other ppl who booked through Expedia also lost their hotel room

Remy Kenyon says:

do you travel alone?

Tyrone Tolliver says:

Favorite hack most definitely downloading map. Definitely traveling to Dominican Republic next.

TheGrandRevo says:

I'm going up the state meanwhile this spoiled no-career lady goes to like 5 different countries to vlog

Tracey Wilks says:

Not all airlines offer free gate check for luggage so definitely check before you leave as there can be big costs for this, especially on Low Cost Carriers

AuntieMichelle OutdoorsyGirl says:

I've also been all over Scandinavia. Originally from Hawaii, living near Seattle. Currently in Finland, heading my way to Lapland to snowboard. This packing is so not my style (to each his own). Less makeup and I also like exploring the outdoors. Either I am hiking during summers, biking in the spring (Denmark streets), or snow boarding during the winter's of each country. My packing is outdoor gear. I try to spend at least 2 nights in the city and the rest, being outdoors. Try traveling this way…out of the tourist spots and enjoying the locals. So much more fun. Go to the Pulpit Rock, Kjerabolten, Trolltunga hikes in Norway. It will challenge you and you'll see traveling to these countries even more breathtaking! You're missing out on Scandinavia's amazing outdoors!

LadyInTheMaking says:

For tip #10, I put a lightweight/wrinkle free dress and my PJs in my carryon. I can go to dinner or be prepared to sleep if something happens to me luggage 🙂

Araceli Gutierrez says:

How do u purchase global entry? I googled but not sure the correct website..

Skye Barry says:

3 mins in and your video is already bit misleading. With ebates, It's 10% back on cruises, NOT flights. It's $1.25 back on flights (i.e. nothing). Checking in 24 hours before does not mean you will "probably" get an upgrade. It is not always free to check bags at the gate.

Susan Jacobs says:

I need to pack in a small carry on for 10 days.

Sophia says:

Going to rome tomorrow😊 this was really helpful

LAT Vacations says:

love the intro and editing … oh and that RED sweater nice..

Val xoxo says:

your hair 😍😍

Lubna Al Marhoobi says:

This video is so helpful 😀😀

Leti Dagher says:

These tips helped me so much u are the best. I will try to try them

Carina Collyer says:

The music tip was so useful, did not think of that!

Mary Rose says:

Does anyone know what brand the adapter for hair tools she mentioned?

Ashton Firkus says:

Another purse hack is to get the purse that is slash-proof. People like to knife the bottom of the purse so everything falls out

AlyssaNicole says:

Hey Jeanine! I’m going on a choir trip on Thursday, and I’ve never been in an airplane… Can you bring liquids in a personal bag onto the plane?

Micah Sparkle says:

You just earned a subscriber because I need this tips or else my mom won’t let me go to an vacation

TRAVEL & FUN says:

We love your video! Keep inspiring people to discover new fantastic places all over the World!

mylife1909 says:

Thank you for the tips! Good to know!

Daisy Rodriguez says:

Hi Jeanine! I recommend you not to book through Expedia for hotels! I work at the front desk of a hotel and they are the worst company! Sometimes reservations don’t come through or they book the wrong dates for customers. Try booking directly with hotels 🙂

Shiney P says:

OMG I live in Norway and I am a really big fan!! I wish I could have met you!!

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