NEW Apple iPad (5th Gen): Unboxing & Review | Poris Radio - VIDEO

NEW Apple iPad (5th Gen): Unboxing & Review

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Unboxing and Review of the NEW 2017 5th Generation Apple iPad 9.7-inch – in all colors.

CPU: Apple A9
Storage: 32/128GB
Display: 9.7″ LCD IPS 2048-by-1536 @ 264 ppi
Camera: 8MP f/2.4 @ 1080p HD
FaceTimeHD Camera: 1.2MP f/2.2 @ 720p
Battery: 32.4-watt-hour (10 Hours)

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down in the forest we’ll sing a chorus says:

nice! i got one in 32gb and in gold and its around the corner charging (im using my other device right now)

nicola facciolini says:

Apple Climate iPad

Akhil Patel says:

sir i want to buy ipad 2017 32 gb 9.7 inch? can we connect external usb pendrive cable throught this does it will support external usb pendrive plz tell me

NatiCorn The Unicorn says:

I’m going to get one on the end of October this will be my first iPad can’t wait ?

Lolu Oyebola says:

I have this iPad.

Danica Liwanag says:

I wish i can pull one out of the screen…

pancon5 says:

Great presentation, very thorough.

sna rock says:

which color is better among all three??plz reply

Disruptor Mikan says:

Im watching with my eyes im watching in a ipad air 1

FlintFlippy says:

Hmmm, I'm thinking about getting this.
Either way, cool review. I'm new just subscribed and hit notifications. Can't wait for more reviews!!

jegf man says:

Watching on my new IPad 2017

Karthikeyan Thani says:

Good Job!
Nice Review!

Pretty Doll says:

My iPad is coming on Thursday but its my first time with iPad so I am little bit nervous

haleigh says:

i love your yorkie! ??

John Nguyen says:

Funny enough, this cost SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the iPad Mini 4. But it has slightly lower end specs compared to this.

Lady Boniya says:

Does the iPad have earphones??
Peace:)android user here

Surya Sopra says:

I Gave 10,000 Like yayyy

Sid Angelo Manaligod says:

This is iPad 2017

se7ensnakes says:

Apple products are junk. The dont connect with anything. You cannot even download a simple mp3 file without having to do a song and dance with Itunes. Ipad pro, or apple products for that matter is made for the fanatic individual. Apple does not connect to other devices without research. You can buy a android device and connect to windows, apple and linux computers without buying anything or doing research. Android devices works intuitively.

abhishek kumar says:

Gold or silver ???

Nerf Men Productions says:

The only Apple Product I can afford is Apple juice ?

tushar vyas says:

I had an ipad air 2 which broke exactly the day I upgraded to ios 11 .. the display just wont respond everything else works home button power button volume rockers ..

Apple says it’s a display problem and because my ipad is out of warranty.. i ll have to pay for a replacement..

Replacement cost : 28,000 (429 usd)
New ipad 5th 2017 costs : 20,000 (310 usd)
Ipad pro 9.7 inch costs : 40,000 (612)

So i have to buy this iPad cause iPad pro is super expensive

Xavier Gonzalez says:

What do you guys think I should get the iPad Air 2 or the iPad 5

Ariana Vlogs says:

iPhone 8 from Steve job

Noel Negron says:

Thank You, I’m going to upgrade from my iPad Air to the iPad (2017). I don’t care about the laminated display or the stereo speaker, I just want better performance.

HRT - Gaming says:

Best tablet ever!

Michaels Gaming Party says:

Good thing I got space gray

Amit mizrahi says:

Should I upgrade to this ipad from my ipad air 1?

bloo jkl45 says:

why does the gold one have a white band on the top in the back…? The other colors don't have that

Zawar Khan says:

i have my own iphone 8 and my parents have apple ipad 🙁 maybe when i get bigger and bigger i should have IPAD 😀

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